Watch! LSU Skips National Anthem: A Disrespectful Act or a Misunderstood Routine?

In the wake of the LSU women’s basketball team’s conspicuous absence from the court during the National Anthem before their NCAA Elite Eight game against the University of Iowa, a wave of indignation has swept across the nation. This act, now immortalized in viral footage, has become a focal point of controversy, igniting a debate that transcends the realm of sports to touch upon the core values of patriotism and respect. The focus keyword, “LSU National Anthem Controversy,” barely scratches the surface of the ensuing uproar—a testament to the deep-seated emotions stirred by this incident.

The scene was set for an epic showdown, as the Iowa team stood united, hands clasped in solemn respect for the anthem, the LSU team was notably absent, a void on the court that spoke volumes. LSU coach Kim Mulkey’s subsequent explanation, attributing the absence to a routine and professing ignorance of the anthem’s timing, has been met with incredulity and scorn. These justifications are seen as nothing short of ludicrous.

A sentiment echoed in a passionate outcry on social media and further amplified by commentators who are “sick and tired of it”—sick and tired of what they perceive as a growing trend of disrespect towards America and its symbols. The National Anthem, a unifying symbol of freedom and sacrifice, has become a battleground for ideological disputes, with the LSU incident serving as the latest flashpoint.

Critics argue that the act of walking off the court before the anthem is not merely a breach of protocol or a misunderstanding but a deliberate statement of disrespect. This perspective views the team’s absence as a slap in the face to the values that the anthem embodies and to those who have fought and sacrificed under its banner. The notion that such an act could be unintentional is dismissed as absurd, a feeble attempt to cover up what many see as a blatant display of ingratitude and entitlement.

The controversy has reignited the debate over the role of athletes and sports teams in political and social expressions. While some defend the right to personal expression, others see the playing field as an inappropriate stage for such statements, especially when they can be interpreted as disrespect for national symbols. The LSU National Anthem controversy is a microcosm of this larger debate, highlighting the tension between individual rights and collective expressions of patriotism.

Final Thoughts

The LSU National Anthem controversy has laid bare the complexities and emotions that surround national symbols and their respect in the public sphere. While the team’s absence might have been explained away as a misunderstanding or a routine, the public reaction underscores a deep-seated expectation of respect for the anthem. For many, especially in conservative circles, the incident is a stark reminder of the need to uphold traditions that foster unity and national pride.

The explanation that the absence was not meant to convey any message does little to assuage the feelings of those who view the act as inherently disrespectful. In a society increasingly divided on numerous fronts, the National Anthem stands as a rare moment of potential unity, an opportunity to stand together in respect and reflection. That the LSU women’s basketball team was absent for this moment, regardless of the reason, is a missed opportunity at best and a divisive act at worst.  I for one am thrilled they were eliminated!




  1. Avatar photoJohn Tata Reply

    The NFL is remiss as they do not insist on having the opening ceremony broadcast. I recently email Robert Kraft criticizing the policy and declining to attend a ceremony. for Vietnam Veterans at Gillette stadium.

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