Outrage Erupts as Hochul Crashes Slain Officer’s Wake for Political Gain! [Video]

In a display of political opportunism that has left many outraged, New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s recent actions at the wake of slain NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller have sparked a firestorm of criticism. Hochul, whose policies have been under scrutiny following the tragic death of Officer Diller, faced direct confrontation from grieving family members and law enforcement officers, accusing her of having blood on her hands.

The wake, held in Massapequa Park, became a focal point for the community’s anger and frustration towards Hochul’s administration. Reports and eyewitness accounts describe a scene where Hochul, in a move criticized as insensitive and intrusive, allegedly refused to respect the family’s wishes during a sensitive moment of the ceremony. This act of disrespect led to a heated exchange, with a family member confronting Hochul outside the funeral home, blaming her bail reform policies for Diller’s untimely death.

The controversy doesn’t end there. Despite the clear message from Diller’s family and the broader law enforcement community that Hochul’s presence was unwelcome, she shockingly requested to speak at Diller’s funeral. This request, seen as a blatant attempt to salvage her image, was rightfully denied by the family, underscoring the deep rift between the governor’s office and those mourning the loss of a hero.

Hochul’s administration has been criticized for its soft-on-crime stance, particularly the controversial bail reform laws that have allowed repeat offenders back onto the streets. Critics argue that these policies directly contribute to the increasing violence against law enforcement officers and the public. The tragic death of Officer Diller, who was killed in the line of duty by a career criminal with a long history of arrests, has become a rallying cry for those demanding change.

The backlash against Hochul and other Democratic politicians at the wake speaks volumes about the growing discontent with their governance. The confrontation was not just about the loss of Officer Diller but a broader indictment of policies that prioritize criminals over the safety of law-abiding citizens and those sworn to protect them.

As the community mourns the loss of Officer Diller, the actions of Governor Hochul and her administration have only added insult to injury. The refusal to acknowledge the impact of their policies on public safety and their apparent disregard for the wishes of a grieving family have left many questioning their leadership and priorities.  What is also amazing is that several news reports from left wing main stream media outlets regarding the wake of officer Dillon, completely ignored this confrontation and only mentioned that Hochul “briefly spoke with family members” before leaving the service.

Final Thoughts

The events surrounding the wake of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller highlight a disturbing trend of political leaders prioritizing optics over genuine empathy and reform. Governor Kathy Hochul’s actions, seen as an attempt to gain political favor at a time of profound grief, have only deepened the divide between her office and those she serves. As New Yorkers grapple with the consequences of her administration’s policies, the need for leadership that truly values the safety and well-being of its citizens has never been clearer. The memory of Officer Diller and the sacrifice he made should serve as a wake-up call for all politicians to reevaluate their priorities and commit to real, meaningful change that protects and honors those who put their lives on the line every day.




  1. Sorcerer Reply

    The Governor should have accepted the requests of the family and others not to attend the wake. However, because of her obviously over-inflated ego she went and did nothing more than prove that she is nothing more than a political opportunist, using a grieving family as an excuse to try to score political points.
    She did more harm to herself by showing faux sympathy to people she really doesn’t give a d..n about

  2. PatriotRWB Reply

    And yet the Democrats just keep voting the likes of her into office. Vote RED and change things for the better.

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