The NY Times’ Obsession with Race and the Incompetence of Karine Jean-Pierre

Once again, the liberal media, led by the New York Times, has shown its true colors, fixating on race and gender rather than competence and qualifications. In their latest display of skewed priorities, they’ve turned the spotlight on Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP), the White House Press Secretary, and her recent sharing the stage with John Kirby.

The Times suggests that the presence of Kirby, a white male, alongside KJP, a black woman, is somehow an insult to her because of her race and gender. This narrative is not only divisive but also a clear indication of the media’s obsession with identity politics. However, the real issue at hand, which the Times conveniently ignores, is KJP’s glaring incompetence in her role.

From the very beginning, KJP’s tenure as Press Secretary has been marked by a lack of clarity, evasion of tough questions, and an overall inability to handle the demands of the job. It’s no secret that the role of the White House Press Secretary is challenging and requires a high level of expertise, something KJP has consistently failed to demonstrate.

The Times, in its typical fashion, attempts to shield KJP from criticism by playing the race card. They suggest that any critique of her performance is rooted in bigotry, rather than acknowledging her evident shortcomings. This is not only patronizing but also an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

Let’s be clear: the issue here is not about race or gender. It’s about the ability to perform a job effectively. John Kirby, regardless of his race, has shown a level of competence and clarity that KJP has not. The Times’ attempt to frame this situation as a racial issue is a desperate effort to divert attention from the real problem – KJP’s incompetence.

The liberal media’s constant focus on identity politics is a disservice to the American people. It’s high time we demand accountability and competence from our public officials, regardless of their race or gender. We must not let the media’s obsession with identity overshadow the real issues facing our nation.

The New York Times’ narrative is a clear example of their agenda-driven journalism. It’s important that we see through these tactics and focus on what truly matters – the qualifications and performance of our public officials. KJP’s incompetence is evident, and no amount of media spin can hide that fact.


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