Putin To Undergo Cancer Surgery, Temporarily Hands Off Power

Reportedly, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is slated to undergo an intense surgery for cancer, and this has forced him to temporarily pass the reins over to a former Federal Security Service (FSB) intelligence chief.

The current Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, Nikolai Patrushev, is slated to temporarily gain control from Putin for the duration of this upcoming operation and its recovery, reported a video posted this past Saturday via the General SVR Telegram channel, which is a Russian news source that claimed to have interviews a former Kremlin military leader. This source has been called “mysterious” by officials within the New York Post.

“Putin is unlikely to agree to hand over power for a longer period of time,” stated the video, going on to add: “I will say that this is the worst option. Patrushev is an outright villain. He is no better than Vladimir Putin. Moreover, he is a more cunning, and I would say, more insidious person than Vladimir Putin. If he comes to power, Russians’ problems will only multiply.”

The condition of Putin’s current health has been the source of much speculation as of late due to many videos showing the Russian president having shaking movements some seem to think are a sign of advancing Parkinson’s Disease. The man that Putin is reportedly handing over power to temporarily is a former  head of an organization considered the modern-day KGB.

Concrete details seem to be quite scarce, but one video hosted on the Telegram account seems to suggest that the issue is abdominal cancer.

At a recent church service in Moscow just last month, Putin seemed to be quite unsteady on his feet and very fidgety, at times being seen biting his lips and making pained awkward faces.

“Fresh theories surrounding Vladimir Putin’s health are circulating after a recent appearance by the Russian president showed him biting his lips, fidgeting and appearing unsteady,” read a report from Sky News. “Mr Putin’s appearance at a church service has now sparked rumours that he is unwell after he seemed unable to stand still during the service.”

This most recent health issue comes after another episode in which the 69-year-old president seemed to be very bloated while death gripping a table for balance throughout a Kremlin meeting with Sergei Shoigu, his defense minister. Both of the men seemed to be in very poor health as Shoigu also started to slur his words after a stroke that took palce earlier this year.

Additionally, Putin is reportedly trying to delay this surgery until after the 9th of May.

“He has reportedly delayed surgery, which will now not take place before the Victory Day commemoration of Russia’s World War Two victory in Red Square on May 9, stated a report from the Daily Mail.

“The news comes amid speculation Putin will launch an all-out war across Ukraine and order mass mobilisation of military-age men, a considerable political risk,”

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