Even Maher and Cuomo Think The Democrats are Stupid! [Watch]

President Joe Biden’s campaign is in serious trouble. Despite his stubborn refusal to step aside, his age and lack of visibility are major concerns. It’s clear that Biden isn’t running a strong campaign, and his declining poll numbers reflect that. His support among key voter groups has plummeted, and his attempts at pandering have backfired. This isn’t just bad news for Biden; it’s a disaster for the entire Democratic Party.

Losing Ground with Key Voter Groups

Biden’s support among Hispanic voters has taken a nosedive. In 2020, he had 59% of their support, but now he’s down to 45%, with 39% favoring Trump. That’s a 14-point drop! And it’s not just Hispanic voters. Black voters under 50, a group that Biden led by 80 points in 2020, now only support him by 37 points. That’s a staggering 43-point loss. If Biden can’t keep the backing of these crucial demographics, how can he hope to win in 2024?

Student Loan Blunder

Biden’s approach to student loans is another area where he’s lost support. He’s forgiven $14.4 billion in student loans, yet only 36% of student debt holders approve. That’s right—despite giving away billions, he’s not winning over the people he’s trying to help. If Biden can’t even gain traction with those he’s pandering to, his strategy is failing miserably.

Women Voters: Another Hit

Biden’s support among women has also dropped by 8% since 2020. This is a critical demographic that any presidential candidate needs to secure. The decline in support from women further highlights the struggles of Biden’s campaign. If he continues to lose support from key voter groups, his chances of reelection will diminish even further.

Democrats’ Self-Inflicted Wounds

A lot of Biden’s problems stem from within his own party. Democrats have been their own worst enemies, showcasing an ineptitude and arrogance that’s hard to believe. Their politically motivated trials and biased media attacks have only served to boost Trump’s popularity. The trial in New York, where Trump was convicted, turned into a massive fundraising event for him. Instead of weakening Trump, it made him stronger.

Trump’s Fundraising Bonanza

Trump’s trial in New York, the so-called hush money trial, should never have been brought. It was always going to look like a sex case, and people saw it that way. Even Andrew Cuomo, the former Attorney General of New York, admitted that if Trump weren’t running for president, the case would never have been brought. This trial, intended to damage Trump, has done the opposite. It has rallied his supporters and filled his campaign coffers.

The Justice System in Question

What’s really troubling is how Democrats have weaponized the justice system against Trump. They’ve openly lied about the economy, immigration, and used the justice system for political gain. This isn’t the first time the Democrats have pulled stunts like this, and it likely won’t be the last. They’re corrupt, and they’re willing to do anything to maintain power.

Liberal Loyalty Despite the Lies

It’s baffling how some liberals can acknowledge the corruption within their party yet remain loyal. They don’t seem to have a problem with the lying and cheating; they’re just upset that it’s blowing up in their faces. Cuomo and other liberal figures continue to stand by the Democratic Party, even as it crumbles from within. Their loyalty seems misplaced when faced with the blatant corruption and deceit.

Final Thoughts

President Biden’s campaign is failing. He’s losing support from key voter groups, and his attempts at pandering are falling flat. The Democrats have only themselves to blame for the mess they’re in. Their political stunts and corruption have backfired, boosting Trump’s popularity instead of diminishing it. It’s time for the Democrats to face the truth: their leader is weak, their tactics are flawed, and their future looks bleak.

What do you think? Are these issues unique to the Biden administration, or have they been a part of the Democratic Party for a long time? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Avatar photoSHRW // Reply

    There are lots of problems with Biden and the democrat party politician. They are generally on the wrong side of everting. Their plans and agenda are harmful to the nation and the American people.

  2. Avatar photoNancee McConnell Reply

    The demo party has been taken over by the radical liberal socialists and is no longer the party of the Kennedys! John F. Kennedy would be considered a conservative terrorist today! It’s not one the demos, the rino repubs are no better!

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