Former White House Doctor Demands He Take a Drug Test Before the Debate!

In a recent interview with Maria Bartiromo, former White House physician Ronny Jackson raised serious concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental and physical health. Despite his repeated efforts to get answers, Jackson’s concerns have been met with silence. This article dives into Jackson’s alarming claims and the potential implications for our nation’s leadership.

Ignored Pleas for Cognitive Testing

Ronny Jackson isn’t new to this fight. He’s been sounding the alarm for a while now, having sent five letters to President Biden, urging him to take a cognitive test similar to the one former President Trump took. But here’s the kicker: all five letters have been ignored. Jackson finds it embarrassing and frustrating that he’s forced to take such drastic measures. Yet, he’s not backing down. He feels a deep responsibility to the American people to ensure that their President is fit to serve.

Demanding a Drug Test

In his latest letter, Jackson is taking things a step further. He’s demanding that President Biden take a drug test before and after his upcoming debate. Yes, you read that right. Jackson wants to know if Biden is using performance-enhancing drugs. The reason? Jackson points to Biden’s recent State of the Union Address, where Biden appeared unusually sharp compared to his usual self. Jackson believes the only explanation is that Biden was on something to boost his performance.

A Different Joe Biden

Let’s talk about that State of the Union Address for a moment. Did you notice anything different about Biden? Jackson certainly did. He says the Biden we saw that night was nothing like the Biden we see day-to-day. For the past three and a half years, we’ve seen a President who often appears lost and confused. But during that address, Biden was focused, articulate, and energetic. Jackson argues that there’s only one explanation for this sudden change: medication.

Political Smear or Legitimate Concern?

Of course, not everyone agrees with Jackson. Some dismiss his concerns as mere political attacks. One commentator insists that Biden has no issues with his mental fitness. He claims to have spent a significant amount of time with Biden and says he’s perfectly fine. According to him, it’s all just a smear campaign by the opposition. But is it really? Or is there something more to Jackson’s concerns?

Prepping at Camp David

Biden is set to spend a week at Camp David before his debate. Why? According to some, it’s to “experiment with doses” and get his medication just right. They claim that Biden needs help to think straight and stay alert. They say he needs something to wake him up and keep him focused. Is this what it takes to get our President ready for a debate? If so, what does that say about his ability to handle the pressures of the presidency?

A High-Stakes Debate

The upcoming debate is shaping up to be a high-stakes showdown. On one side, we have Trump, who’s never been one to hold back. On the other, we have Biden, who some say lacks the mental sharpness to go toe-to-toe with Trump. Jackson believes that if Biden drifts off or goes “catatonic” for even ten seconds during the debate, it could spell the end of his presidential run. The Democratic Party, he says, would likely dump him by the end of the week.

The Importance of Mental Fitness

The stakes couldn’t be higher. The American people will be watching closely. A small percentage of voters could swing the election one way or the other. Jackson reminds us that just because an election seems too close to call, it doesn’t mean it can’t turn into a landslide. He points to the 1980 election when Reagan, initially in a tight race with Carter, ended up winning by a landslide. Could we see a similar scenario this time around?

Final Thoughts

President Biden’s mental and physical fitness has become a hot topic. Ronny Jackson is demanding answers and not backing down. He’s calling for a cognitive test and a drug test before and after the debate. The upcoming debate could be a make-or-break moment for Biden. Will he rise to the occasion, or will his performance raise even more questions about his fitness for office? The American people deserve to know if their President is up to the job.

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  1. Avatar photoCarl Reply

    Maybe, once he gets there , Pres Trump can delay things for an hour or so and see if Bidum deteriorates after drugs start to wear off. But mostly i think someone needs to give Bidum the neck pinch test to see if a mask is involved.

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