Watch! The Hypocrisy of Jill Biden: Defending Joe’s Cognitive Decline

Watching President Joe Biden struggle through public appearances is becoming all too familiar. Recently, he delivered a commencement speech at West Point that was nothing short of painful to watch. He fumbled, stumbled, and seemed to lose his train of thought multiple times. As he tried to quote President Lincoln, he faltered, saying, “You can clap for that,” and then quickly admitted, “I should not get into this probably.” This kind of performance is not new and raises serious questions about his cognitive abilities.

Jill Biden’s Defense

Despite these visible struggles, Jill Biden continues to paint a rosy picture of her husband’s capabilities. On a recent appearance on “The View,” she boldly stated that Joe Biden is “competent, alert, and doing the job.” She dismissed concerns about his age, claiming the election is “about character” and not age. This defense is not just optimistic; it’s misleading. The American people see the reality every time Biden speaks in public.

Comparing Biden to Trump

The contrast between Biden and Trump could not be starker. Trump, despite his controversies, is known for his ability to handle impromptu press conferences and rallies without missing a beat. He engages with the public, answers questions on the fly, and maintains a level of energy that Biden simply cannot match. As Raymond Arroyo pointed out, “Trump gives impromptu press conferences and rallies without notes, walking into bodegas and doing spontaneous things.” In contrast, Biden struggles to make it through a prepared speech without confusion.

The Philadelphia Event Disaster

A recent event in Philadelphia was supposed to be a highlight for Biden, a chance to connect with Black voters. Instead, it turned into a nightmare. Biden appeared “doddering and could not remember anything,” as Arroyo noted. The choice of entertainment was baffling—Elmo from Sesame Street. This move, intended to resonate with the community, fell flat and seemed out of touch. It was a bizarre choice that left many scratching their heads.

The Shift in Campaign Messaging

Jill Biden’s rhetoric has also shifted noticeably. She now claims the election is about “character and integrity,” but just a few months ago, it was all about “vigor and disaster.” This sudden change in messaging is telling. It’s a clear attempt to divert attention from Biden’s visible struggles and focus on intangible qualities that are harder to measure. Yet, it rings hollow when juxtaposed with Biden’s frequent lapses in public.

Media Bias and Double Standards

One of the most glaring issues is how the media handles these events. While the mainstream media is obsessed with covering every detail of Trump’s legal troubles, they often gloss over Biden’s public blunders. The double standard is palpable. When Biden snaps at a reporter for asking if he will serve his full term, the incident is downplayed. Imagine the uproar if Trump had done the same. This selective coverage contributes to a skewed perception, shielding Biden from the scrutiny he deserves.

Kamala Harris and the Abortion Issue

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is being deployed to rally women and Black voters, using the issue of abortion as a central theme. In a recent sit-down, she focused on the “chilling effect” of government interference in medical decisions. This strategy, however, might not be as effective this time around. According to a new ABC News poll, abortion ranks as the number nine issue among voters. The Biden campaign’s reliance on this topic could indicate a lack of stronger arguments to present to the electorate.

The Laughable Missteps

The campaign’s missteps don’t stop there. At a recent event, a speaker mistakenly referred to the campaign as “the launch of Black Voters for Harris-Biden.” This slip-up was met with laughter and further fueled the perception of a disorganized campaign. While Harris laughed it off, these moments contribute to a growing sense of unease about the campaign’s direction and coherence.

Final Thoughts

The Biden administration’s attempt to project strength and competence is falling apart at the seams. From Jill Biden’s unrealistic portrayal of her husband’s capabilities to the bizarre choices in campaign events, the hypocrisy is stunning. Joe Biden’s frequent struggles during speeches and public appearances are a stark contrast to the image his campaign is trying to sell. The American people deserve honesty and transparency, not smoke and mirrors. The media’s double standard only exacerbates the issue, shielding Biden from the scrutiny that any other candidate would face. As the election approaches, voters must look beyond the rhetoric and see the reality of a candidate who is clearly not up to the task.



  1. Avatar photoTim Shepperson Reply

    Good grief look who she’s with, the five dumbest women on TV and the ass kissers they are they’re fawning all over her. This woman should be charged with elderly abuse. The man isn’t mentally or physically fit for that office. She’s just talking to the choir. Who is she kidding?

  2. Avatar photodon Reply

    POS female defending a POS useless President. The most useless person on earth. A disgrace to America and the world. I cringe at the thought of him speaking to foreign heads. They all pity him as they would a crazy uncle and ignore him.

    1. Avatar photoAllen Reply

      Aw, cmon man. Jill is not a useless POS. She was a very competent homewrecker. I believe that had she not been around Pedo Joe’s first wife would have never driven in front of that 18 wheeler.

  3. Avatar photoJoanne Buchanan Reply

    Yes, Jill is guilty of elder abuse by letting Joe out there to make a fool of himself! Actually I don’t think she really cares what people think of him she just wants to keep the power she has. Can’t believe that she doesn’t see that there is not one nation that respects America, we have become a laughing stock, thanks to her demented husband!!

  4. Avatar phototeresa A dalessandro Reply

    two disgusting hypocrites, anti American, unpatriotic, hypocrites, liars, cheaters! they could care less about this country or the people in it. and you voters who vote for this pos should be beat! he is killing babies full term, has boys thinking they can be girls and be on girls teams and in soroities, allows rapists, drugees, terrorist, sex trafickers, criminals in this country without being vetted – they both have blood on their hands but refust to take the blame. what is wrong with you people who think this monstrer biden is great yet you want to see Trump in jail. Trump is a God send and biden is a dead end!

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