Watch! Dennis Quaid Shocks Hollywood with an Incredible Defense of Trump AND an Endorsement!

In a surprising and bold move, Hollywood star Dennis Quaid announced his support for Donald Trump in the upcoming election during a recent interview with Piers Morgan. Quaid’s public endorsement is a remarkable shift, considering the typically liberal stance of many in the entertainment industry. Quaid’s endorsement of Trump is not just a personal decision; it reflects broader trends and sentiments within the country, especially among those who feel disillusioned with the current political landscape.

Quaid’s Bold Declaration

During the interview, Quaid didn’t hold back. He declared his intention to vote for Trump, emphasizing that his decision was rooted in more than just politics. “The only thing I liked about Trump was everything he did,” Quaid stated. This powerful endorsement encapsulates his admiration for Trump’s actions and policies during his presidency.

Quaid’s comment, “He’s an a**hole, but he’s my a**hole,” resonates with many Americans who appreciate Trump’s unapologetic and straightforward leadership style. Despite the controversy surrounding Trump, Quaid sees him as a leader who stands up for America and doesn’t back down from challenges, both domestically and internationally.

Weaponization of the Justice System

Quaid’s support for Trump is also driven by what he perceives as the weaponization of the justice system. He believes that the numerous investigations and legal challenges Trump faces are politically motivated. Quaid pointed to the Stormy Daniels case as an example, describing it as “pathetic” and suggesting that it’s an attempt to unjustly target Trump. This sentiment is shared by many who see the continuous legal battles as a means to undermine Trump’s influence and candidacy.

The justice system’s perceived bias has galvanized many, including Quaid, to rally behind Trump. This issue transcends typical political divisions and taps into a deeper concern about fairness and integrity in American institutions.

Trump’s Achievements Highlighted

Quaid was quick to highlight Trump’s achievements during his presidency. He praised Trump’s handling of North Korea, recalling how Trump referred to Kim Jong-un as “Rocket Man” and managed to de-escalate tensions. Quaid also lauded Trump for defeating ISIS swiftly and standing up to China. These accomplishments, according to Quaid, demonstrate Trump’s effectiveness as a leader and his commitment to protecting American interests.

In an era where international relations are complex and often fraught with danger, Quaid’s appreciation for Trump’s foreign policy successes is noteworthy. He sees Trump as a leader who doesn’t shy away from confrontation and is willing to take bold steps to ensure America’s security and prosperity.

The Wisdom of Age

One interesting point Quaid made during the interview was about the honesty that comes with age. As people grow older, they tend to be more candid about their beliefs and less concerned with what others think. Quaid, at 71, embodies this principle. His willingness to publicly support Trump, despite potential backlash from Hollywood and liberal circles, is a testament to his confidence and conviction.

This phenomenon is not unique to Quaid. Many older Americans find themselves reassessing their political views and often shift to more conservative positions. Quaid’s endorsement is a reflection of this broader trend, where age and experience lead to a more critical and nuanced understanding of politics and leadership.

The Silent Majority Awakens

Quaid’s support for Trump also highlights a significant shift within the so-called “silent majority.” Many Americans, who might not be vocal about their political beliefs, are increasingly disillusioned with the left’s positions and policies. Quaid’s endorsement is a sign that more people are waking up to what they perceive as the failures and excesses of the current administration and its supporters.

The rise of the silent majority is a powerful force in American politics. It represents a group of individuals who, while not always outspoken, hold strong beliefs and are motivated to act when they feel their values and way of life are under threat. Quaid’s decision to back Trump is a clear indication that this silent majority is becoming more vocal and assertive in its support for conservative principles.

Final Thoughts

Dennis Quaid’s public endorsement of Donald Trump is a bold and significant move. It underscores a growing dissatisfaction with the current political climate and a desire for strong, unapologetic leadership. Quaid’s admiration for Trump’s achievements and his critique of the justice system reflect broader sentiments shared by many Americans.

As more individuals like Quaid come forward with their support for Trump, it becomes clear that there is a substantial and growing movement within the country. This movement is driven by a belief in fairness, integrity, and the desire for a leader who will stand up for America and its values.

Quaid’s endorsement is more than just a celebrity’s opinion; it is a reflection of a broader shift in American politics. The silent majority is waking up, and their voices are becoming harder to ignore. As the country heads into the next election, the impact of these voices will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of American politics.

I’m sure Dennis will not be having Dinner with Mr. DeNiro any time soon!



  1. Avatar photoDORIS A. BROWN Reply

    Donald Trump is a fighter and I think it is outrageous the way he has been set up by Democrats. What was the real crime? Did he overvalue his property? He paid back what he borrowed. Now, about Stormy Daniel. She is a hooker and Cohen paid her hush money. If that’s the problem, then it’s time to investigate all Democrats. My Lord Ted Kennedy killed one of his campaign workers after banging her and she drowned. No action was taken, but then he was a Democrat.
    The Judge couldn’t stand Trump and vice versa. The Judge’s daughter was covering the case. What country would this not be a conflict of interest. NYC. Lord help us as this is WRONG.

  2. Avatar photoJoAnn Reply

    It takes a lot of courage to speak out like this against the Hollywood LOONS. I salute him for that, and hope they don’t cancel him, vicious leftist ideologues that most of them are!

  3. Avatar photoChuckles Reply


    REVOKE their Citizenship and expel them from this nation FOREVER!

    shouldn’t take long for people to start RESPECTING OTHER CITIZENS!

  4. Avatar photoBret Reply

    Quail is old enough to remember at least from school how the Rosevelt policies prolonged the Great Recession , how Reagan improved the economy after the Carter fiasco and recently Trump after the lackluster years of Obama. Even the Clinton years due to the republicans majority in Congress.
    Liberal policies do not strengthen a nation, only breaks a nation down over time. The democrat elites are only for themselves and their minions . Every thing they do is one step closer to destroying the middle class. Trump was loved by the left until he came down the elevator as a republican. Now , even Quaid is stating how awful Trump is when nothing has been proven, and a trial in NY city by a liberal judge and a liberal jury is no proof. Remember every thing else he was accused of failed. Yes as you get older you realize that everything the government says they are going to fix never ever gets fixed, thus the more conservative you become. He has either been in the closet, or he is real slow. Imagine the jump in prosperity when this monstrosity of a government gets cut in half in size and gets out of the way.

  5. Avatar photorobert alvarez Reply

    Who cares if he is blacklisted by the deranged pathetic Hollywood elite. I would welcome it if I were him. He’s had a blessed career and probably set for life. This is something you don’t usually see from Hollywood. Common sense.

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