Wow! Watch: Harris Proves She Doesn’t Know How Inflation Works!

Harris’s Lack of Awareness

Vice President Kamala Harris recently demonstrated a shocking lack of understanding about inflation and its impact on everyday Americans. In a clip where she discussed the Inflation Reduction Act, her ignorance was on full display.

“The president and I, because of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Infrastructure Act, we are dropping trillions of dollars on the streets of America right now to build back up our roads and our bridges, our sidewalks, to invest in a clean energy economy, to deal with the climate crisis in a way that is about building up adaptation and resilience,” Harris ranted.

Her words reveal a complete disconnect from reality. While she talks about “dropping trillions of dollars,” average Americans are struggling to keep up with rising costs in nearly every aspect of their lives. Harris’s comments about the $225,000 grant for first-time homebuyers from non-homeowner families show she’s out of touch with the real problems facing Americans today.

Unqualified and Unprepared

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” succinctly captured the essence of Harris’s shortcomings: “She was hired because she is black and a woman. She was polling at zero in her own party when they took her on for the job that she’s not qualified for.”

This statement underscores the uncomfortable truth. Kamala Harris’s rise to the vice presidency wasn’t based on qualifications or merit. It was about ticking the right diversity boxes. This is a terrifying prospect when considering the responsibilities of the office she holds.

The Worst Campaign in 2020

Harris’s presidential campaign in 2020 was a disaster from the start. She was the first candidate to drop out of the race, reflecting her unpopularity even within her own party. Her inability to gain traction among Democratic voters speaks volumes about her competence and appeal.

Unpopular and Unliked

Kamala Harris holds the dubious distinction of being one of the most unpopular politicians in modern American history. Her approval ratings have consistently been abysmal, reflecting a widespread lack of trust and confidence in her abilities.

A recent video highlighted just how disconnected she is. When asked to explain how inflation works, Harris fumbled through her answer, leaving the crowd gasping at her ignorance. It’s one thing to be unqualified; it’s another to be completely unprepared for the job.

Lazy and Ineffective

Critics have often described Harris as lazy and ineffective. Her track record as vice president has been marked by a lack of significant accomplishments. Instead of addressing the real issues facing Americans, she’s focused on promoting policies that do little to solve the problems at hand.

The Inflation Reduction Act, which she touts as a major achievement, is a prime example. Despite its name, the act does nothing to address the root causes of inflation. Instead, it pours trillions of dollars into projects that will only exacerbate the problem.

Final Thoughts

Kamala Harris’s tenure as vice president has been a series of missteps and failures. Her lack of understanding about basic economic principles, coupled with her unpopularity and ineffectiveness, makes her one of the worst choices for the role. The American people deserve leaders who are competent, qualified, and in touch with reality. Unfortunately, Kamala Harris falls woefully short on all counts.

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  1. Avatar photoBob Russell Reply

    harris is a mental midget of the tiniest stature and has slutted her way to where she is, willing to spread her legs for anyone who could/would help her rise in political position. TRhe fact that her IQ is in triple digit negative numbers is only an asset to success within the devildemocommiecrat party!!!!! She is only there because she fills in boxes devildemocommiecrats want checked, and intelligence and ability are not on the list!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Avatar photojim withers Reply

    Harris is a true dimwit, politician. Her ‘mixed salad’ of words more than displays her ignorance.

    I wouldn’t hire her for a babysitting job…..

  3. Avatar photoLeftshot Reply

    If the Democrats swap out Harris for Biden they will be nominating someone virtually NO ONE in their own party thought was fit to be President in 2020.

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