How Trump’s Felony Verdict Secures His 2024 Landslide!

Hello, friends! Today, we’re exploring a significant development: how Trump’s recent felony verdict could ensure a landslide victory in the 2024 election.

The Verdict is Out

Trump has been convicted on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in the New York hush money case. Contrary to what mainstream media and Democrats might believe, this verdict is poised to boost Trump’s popularity. Historically, legal troubles and even mugshots have only increased Trump’s support in the polls.

Analyzing the Polls

RealClearPolitics (RCP) data from late 2022 and early 2023 highlighted a competitive race between Trump and Biden. During this period, national polling indicated a close contest. However, on August 24, 2023, following Trump’s mugshot at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, his polling numbers surged. Trump took a small lead and has maintained it, showcasing his strong position.

Increased Motivation

This guilty verdict is likely to galvanize Trump’s base further. His supporters will be more motivated to vote for him and contribute to his campaign. Reports indicate that Trump’s donation site crashed due to overwhelming traffic earlier today. Many voters perceive these trials as politically motivated, which could solidify their support for Trump.

Predicting the Outcome

Currently, Trump is in a favorable position. The popular vote model for 2024 shows Trump leading by nearly 6.4 points even before the verdict. This lead has the potential to grow, expanding his electoral map.

Swing States and Beyond

Before the verdict, the forecast showed Trump with 345 electoral votes to Biden’s 193. Trump was already projected to flip key swing states and traditionally blue states like Minnesota, New Mexico, Virginia, and New Hampshire. With the verdict boosting his numbers by an estimated three points, Trump could also flip states like New Jersey and Colorado, increasing his total to 371 electoral votes.

A Bigger Boost

While the verdict alone may not secure Trump victories in states like New Jersey or Colorado, additional factors could help. A significant Biden gaffe or an economic downturn could make a landslide win more plausible, similar to the victories of Bush Sr. in 1988 or Reagan in 1980.

Final Thoughts

This guilty verdict is likely to strengthen Trump’s position in the upcoming election. Watch for polling data to reflect this boost in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates on Trump’s path to a potential landslide victory in November 2024.

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  1. Avatar photodon Reply

    DeNiro is a Hollywood A$$hole. He has the brains of a gopher – on a bad day. Once in his youth he was an OK actor. Now he is in his useless dotage spewing hate. A no class symbol of Hollywood of today.

  2. Avatar photoCenturion Reply

    When Trump wins (we hope if we can get around all the voter fraud in November) he needs to fire the top 20% of personal in ALL departments. Interviews for replacements should be based on if they are Republican or not. That factoid should be hidden from all interviewees to prevent demon-communist-cRATS from changing parties to become a stealth communist interviewee.

  3. Avatar photoCharlene Boyer Reply

    The Dems will try everything (illegal) to win in 2024. Let’s hope Elon can get some program up and running that will stop all the illegal/fraudulent voting. We also need to elect true conservatives (not Rinos) in the house and senate. The United States of America ceased to exist the minute Biden (Obama) was sworn in 2020!

  4. Avatar photoTruthful Texan Reply

    This bogus ‘conviction’ is simply to give Dems plausible deniability when they repeat the 2020 cheat in 2024. Everyone knows Trump SHOULD win, so if the Dems simply did another 2020 cheat they might be called out on it. But now, they can just say “well, he’s a felon and that drew a lot of votes away from him” (a lie, but that’s what Dems do best). The Dem candidate will ‘win,’ and Trump’s ‘conviction’ will be used to explain why while waving away any allegations of cheating.

  5. Avatar photoSHRW // Reply

    The judge instructed the jury that it was not necessary to have a unanimous vote for a verdict of guilty. But how many votes were required? One? Two? Six? eight? Apparently, whatever was needed to get the required verdict. This whole sham begs for an appeal and change of venue.

  6. Avatar photoTomsgram Reply

    This travesty of justice needs a very strong response of the people. Are we going to sit back and watch this happen. Or are we going to send a message to the communist Democratic Party that this is not acceptable in our Republic. Voters need to vote out every Democrat that runs for office in any capacity. We need a solid majority in the house and the Senate. The we need to outlaw socialism once and for all. The department of education needs to be abolished and all socialist professors Presidents and Deans of these colleges need to be removed. It’s time to get back to educating our young people in the greatness of our nation. No more allowing people into college unless they have met the basic requirements for college. No more DEI/CRT etc. if you hate this country then you should move to a place that you would be happy. All people under a certain age should have too be weened from the welfare system by learning a trade where they can provide for themselves. You do not have a right to the people’s hard earned tax dollars. I believe hunger is a good motivator to get people back to work if not then you’ll be hungry. The people won’t let you starve to death but you’ll only get surplus c rations or MRE’s. This should be the consequences for the Democrats actions in all these illegal attacks on Trump

  7. Avatar photoWally Mees Reply

    “from your lips to God’s ears,” but as others have written, everything also depends on curtailing the fraud in the 2020 election. Hugh Hewitt wrote a book quite a few years ago that says it all: “If it ain’t close, they can’t cheat.” Let’s hope that sentiment applies in 2024.

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