Shocking Revelation: Hunter Biden Spotted at White House Meetings Post-Debate Debacle!

Hunter Biden’s Increasing Role in White House Affairs

In a recent turn of events, President Biden’s son Hunter, who has been convicted of federal gun felonies and is set to face trial for tax-related crimes later this year, has been seen attending meetings at the White House. This information comes from a report by the New York Post following the President’s disappointing performance in a recent debate.

Biden Family Urges President to Stay in Race

Despite calls from prominent Democrats for President Biden to step down, his family remains supportive and urges him to stay in the race. Over the past weekend, they gathered at Camp David to discuss the President’s political future. A report from the New York Times indicates that Biden’s family members are adamant that he should remain in the race and work to improve his current standing. First Lady Jill Biden has been identified as a significant supporter of her husband’s campaign and has pointed fingers at his aides and top advisers for his lackluster debate performance.

Glenn Beck Reveals New Biden Initiative

In related news, Glenn Beck has revealed a new initiative by Biden which he claims will bankrupt America. The details of this initiative have not yet been disclosed.

Hunter Biden’s Influence on His Father’s Decision

Hunter Biden, aged 54, has been a major factor in his father’s decision to continue his candidacy. According to reports, Hunter is now playing an influential role in White House affairs. One source quoted by the New York Post stated that Hunter doesn’t trust his father’s senior aides and wants to be present during meetings. The President seems to have no objection to this.

Hunter Biden Emerges as Close Adviser

NBC News further reported on Hunter Biden’s attendance at White House meetings, citing four sources. An individual familiar with the situation told NBC that Hunter has emerged as a close adviser to his father in the days following the Camp David meeting. He has reportedly been present at several meetings and phone calls held by the President with his advisers.

Shockwaves Through the White House

Hunter’s elevated role has caused a stir within the White House. The mood among some staffers has been described as, “What the hell is happening?”

Hunter’s Role in Speech Preparation

White House spokesman Andrew Bates told NBC News that Hunter assisted his father in preparing for a brief speech on the Supreme Court’s presidential immunity decision. “Hunter came back with the President from their family weekend at Camp David and went with the President straight into speech prep,” Bates said.

First Son to Remain at White House

The first son is expected to stay at the White House this week to celebrate the July 4 holiday with his family.

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Final Thoughts

As we continue to observe these developments, it’s clear that Hunter Biden’s role within the White House is expanding. What are your thoughts on this? Share your views in the comments section below.



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