Unbelievable! See What Biden Told Morehouse Graduates!

On a day meant for celebration and hope, President Joe Biden took the stage at Morehouse College, a historically Black, all-male institution, and delivered what many are calling a radically divisive speech. During this commencement address, instead of uplifting the new graduates, the President painted a grim picture of America—a country he depicted as unwelcoming and unjust to its Black citizens.

Biden’s Pessimistic Message

The President’s remarks were laced with controversial statements that have sparked widespread criticism. He suggested that America is a place that “does not love Black people” and depicted the nation as fraught with systemic racism and broken promises. Highlighting moments like the tragic death of George Floyd as symbols of ongoing racial struggle, Biden’s words focused heavily on racial tensions and political issues rather than the achievements of the graduates or their bright futures ahead.

Criticism from ‘The Five’

On the popular television show ‘The Five’, commentators expressed disbelief and disappointment at the tone and content of Biden’s speech. Jesse Watters, one of the hosts, introduced the discussion by highlighting how the President’s speech was less about congratulating the graduates and more about promoting his political agenda. Dana Perino, another host, pointed out that commencement speeches should celebrate student achievements and inspire optimism, not serve as platforms for political divisiveness.

Focusing on Politics, Not Students

The panelists on ‘The Five’ criticized Biden for using this important moment to talk about divisive political topics like race and voting laws, rather than focusing on the graduates’ success and potential. Greg Gutfeld noted that the speech sounded more like a “eulogy for the Black race” than a commencement address, calling it inappropriate and offensive for the occasion.

The Realities of Racial Issues

While discussing the implications of Biden’s speech, Harold Ford Jr., a panelist on the show, acknowledged that while racial issues do exist and need attention, the President’s approach was overly pessimistic and not suited for a graduation ceremony. Ford argued that everyday concerns like economic pressures and national security are crucial for all Americans, regardless of race, and should not be overshadowed by a single-minded focus on racial grievances.

Final Thoughts

President Biden’s commencement address at Morehouse College has been met with significant backlash for its divisive tone and focus on political issues rather than the celebratory nature of a graduation. Critics argue that Biden missed an opportunity to inspire and uplift a new generation of Black leaders, choosing instead to emphasize a narrative of division and victimization. This approach not only dampened what should have been a joyful occasion but also underscored the growing concerns among many about the politicization of key moments in American life. As the country moves forward, the hope remains that future leaders will choose unity and positivity to guide their public addresses, especially during events meant to celebrate the achievements and potential of America’s youth.




  1. Avatar photoSue Reply

    Maybe should inform Biden that anything and everything that is happening in this country after 3 1/2 years under his leadership is his fault. Biden has done nothing for American people nothing except make millions of people go bankrupt
    He’s contributed nothing to help grow America he spent trillions of taxpayers money on other corrupt countries securing there borders but leaves America’s wide open. Biden is a disgrace to America and to himself.

  2. Avatar photoJesse Tomblin Reply

    Pedo Joe proved the FACT that the RACISM in America in this day and age is still coming from the same source it came from starting after the Civil War till the 1960’s namely DEMOCRAPS. They have even made Minorities HATE their own kind. Just ask any Minority Republican how Democraps treat them? Ask any Minority Democrap what they think of a Minority Republican?? The HATE that get spewed at the Republican is pure evil. The FACTS are that President Trump did more for ALL Minorities than any President since Lincoln. Even Slick Willie(claims to be first black President) and Obozo the half black President did nothing to help blacks or any other Minority. Well they made excuses for them but NOTHING good. Pedo Joe even told Blacks that if they did not vote for him they were not Black. Pedo Joe has used Racist comments his entire time in the White House.

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