Joy Reid’s Meltdown: Ready to Vote for Biden Even in a Coma!

Joy Reid, a prominent MSNBC host, has recently stirred controversy with her bold assertions about voting for Joe Biden. In a heated outburst, she proclaimed her willingness to vote for Biden even “if he’s in a coma,” so long as it thwarts the return of Donald Trump, whom she referred to as “Hitler,” to the White House.

Reid’s comments were made amidst growing apprehension regarding Biden’s suitability for office following his underwhelming performance during a recent debate.

Reid’s Critique of Internal Democratic Disagreements

In her fiery rant, Reid stated, “Let me know when you guys are finished fighting amongst yourselves who I gotta vote for in November to keep Hitler out the White House. That’s all I wanna know.” Her words were a clear critique of internal Democratic disagreements and the political battle against Republicans, whom she accused of aligning with dangerous ideologies.

Reid further expressed her annoyance with incessant messages from her party, stating, “Play in traffic all you want in front of these Republicans, acting a fool in front of these people instead of privately declaring your stuff. But don’t text me no more, because I’m not taking no more of these texts. Just let me know when you guys are finished figuring it out Democrats, because I know y’all the freak out people.”

Reid’s Disillusionment with Democratic Leadership

As Reid continued her tirade, her disappointment with her party’s leadership was evident. Despite expressing her lack of fondness for Biden and his policies, she reiterated her determination to vote for him even if he were incapacitated. Her primary concern appeared to be preventing Trump from returning to power.

Biden Confirms He Will Remain in Presidential Race

Despite concerns about his age and mental agility, Biden confirmed at a campaign event in Madison, Wisconsin, that he will remain in the presidential race. The 81-year-old President addressed his supporters, acknowledging his performance in last week’s CNN debate which intensified calls for him to withdraw.

In a taped interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, Biden described his condition as being “sick” and “feeling terrible.” However, he dismissed concerns that his symptoms indicated a more serious health issue. He said it was merely a bad episode and there was no indication of any serious condition.

Biden’s Campaign Gears Up for Recovery Effort

Despite the setbacks, Biden’s campaign is preparing for a recovery effort. Both First Lady Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are set to embark on an extensive campaign tour across all key battleground states this month.

Final Thoughts

Joy Reid’s comments have certainly sparked controversy and debate. Regardless of individual political leanings, it’s clear that the upcoming election is generating strong emotions and heated discussions.

We encourage our readers to share their thoughts in the comment section below. What are your opinions on Reid’s remarks? How do you feel about Biden’s decision to stay in the race? We look forward to hearing from you.



  1. Avatar photoMark Kuykendall Reply

    Let me get this straight. She’d vote for him even if she was in a coma? Glad we cleared that up.

  2. Avatar photoVicky Hutter Reply

    Does anyone take this idiot seriously? Do the “anchors” on MSNBC realize why the ratings for your shows are so low? Why you do not have very many people watching your cable network? Answer: Your “anchors” or talk show hosts such as Joy Reid are ignorant and so Radical Left that they turn potential viewers off—-were they D.E.I. hires? Evidently they were……..or maybe the problem is the head of the MSNBC cable network who must be incompetent.

  3. Avatar photoCliff Reply

    Get used to it my friends, black, Anti-America, anti-freedom, mentally-ill, BRAINWASHED COMMUNISTS ALWAYS STICK TOGETHER. I guess they cannot stand the idea of WORKING A JOB, NO WARS, LOWER PRICES, LESS government regulation and CONTROL, as well as a prosperous nation. If they are doing good, that changes their “narrative”, so they can no longer scream “racism”, push how “oppressed” they are, and can no longer demand their “reparations.”
    BTW, all those illegal aliens are actually getting all the “free shit” , and “special treatment” for staying on the “plantation” and voting DEMOCOMMUNIST, that YOU were ALWAYS promised, and never got from your “masters”. HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL???
    Time to wake the hell up. You have been “replaced” by “MORE CONTROLLABLE” illegals.
    Suck it up buttercups.

  4. Avatar photoBob Russell Reply

    joyless reid is a hateful, racist, fool without a single intelligent cell in her head!!!!! President Trump, if he wanted to be Hitler would have done it when he had the chance from 2016 to 2020. It is the devildemocommiecrats who act like Hitler, ignoring the Constitution and ruling by edict and unconstitutional legal tactics to persecute their political opponents and We the People can see it!!!!! I have seen it from the very beginning, the day he announced his candidacy in 2015!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Avatar photoHappy Warrior Reply

    Anyone who would vote for someone who is in a coma is a fool. But we all already realized that about Joy (less) Reid.

  6. Avatar photoSue Reply

    Dumb Joy is lucky see has a great paying job because if she ever lost it she would have like every other black person live from pay check to pay check. Big mouth Joy would get a reality lesson on how things really are and Biden and democrats destroyed America. Joy is a racist black Woke asshole who needs to be fired.

  7. Avatar photoDavid Moscovic Reply

    It continues to amaze me how Trump
    Has so much power over these thoughtless liberals. No way Trump will be any where close to a dictator. He can’t, built into our constitution and Government. He does not even want to be remembered that way.

  8. Avatar photoOrlanoRican Reply

    This woman has been in a coma all her life. She’s hanging around for her share of the reparations bonanza the Demorats have promised.

  9. Avatar photoBill Stephens Reply

    Her ghetto roots are clear by the way she talks when not on the air. She is one of the ones that are certain Trump is going to put them in a concentration camp the day he takes office. Poor baby. Actually, I would love to see that. Haha.

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