Explosive Interview! Ben Carson Exposes Biden’s Cognitive Decline: Is America at Risk?

In a recent interview with Maria Bartiromo, Ben Carson, a renowned neurosurgeon and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, shared his candid thoughts on President Biden’s leadership and cognitive abilities. Carson didn’t hold back, painting a grim picture of the current administration and its impact on America. Let’s dive into the key points from this eye-opening discussion.

America’s Leadership Crisis

Carson kicked off by highlighting that many of the problems America faces today are self-inflicted. According to him, the root cause is a lack of strong leadership. “We don’t have leadership, and the rest of the world is watching us and we’re a laughingstock,” he said. This stark statement sets the tone for Carson’s concern about the state of the nation.

Concerns About Biden’s Cognitive Health

One of the most startling parts of the interview was Carson’s comments on President Biden’s cognitive health. Carson, being a doctor, raised serious questions about Biden’s ability to lead, especially when it comes to critical responsibilities like handling nuclear codes. He pointed out a recent incident in Italy where Biden appeared disoriented and needed assistance from Georgia Maloney.

“President Biden’s cognitive issues are not a secret,” Carson stated. “His wife and the people around him must have known from the beginning.” This raises an important question: why was Biden put in this position if there were doubts about his mental fitness?

The Democrats’ Dilemma

Carson speculated that the Democratic Party is in a tricky situation. They are aware of Biden’s cognitive decline, yet they continue to support him. “The Democrats are not stupid,” he said. “I’m sure they are gathering and trying to figure out how they get out of this dilemma which they created.”

This suggests that behind closed doors, there might be discussions about whether Biden should continue his term or step down. The desire for power and prestige might have overshadowed concerns for the country’s welfare.

Biden’s Recent Incident in Italy

Carson referenced a specific moment from Biden’s recent trip to Italy. During an important event, Biden seemed to wander off, and Georgia Maloney had to redirect him. This incident has raised eyebrows and added fuel to the ongoing debate about his fitness to lead.

As Carson mentioned, the world is watching. Incidents like these can affect America’s reputation on the global stage. It’s crucial for the leader of the free world to project strength and stability, but moments of confusion and disorientation undermine this image.

The Impact on National Security

Carson’s concerns extend beyond just public appearances. He emphasized the serious implications for national security. With Biden at the helm, Carson worries about the safety of the American people. “You have somebody who’s impaired with the nuclear codes in charge of the military, in charge of the safety of the people of our country. How can this be?” he asked.

This is a chilling thought. The leader of the United States holds immense power, and any doubts about their cognitive abilities can have far-reaching consequences.

The Role of Jill Biden

Carson also questioned the role of Jill Biden in all of this. As Biden’s wife, she must be aware of his cognitive issues. Yet, she has supported his position. “His wife in particular must have known that,” Carson said. This adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

Is the pursuit of power and prestige worth the risk to the country’s safety and well-being? This is a question that Carson poses, urging us to think deeply about the motivations behind Biden’s continued leadership.

Final Thoughts

Ben Carson’s interview with Maria Bartiromo sheds light on critical issues facing our nation today. From questions about President Biden’s cognitive health to concerns about national security, Carson’s insights are a wake-up call. It’s essential for us, as citizens, to stay informed and engaged.

What do you think about Carson’s comments? Do you believe President Biden is fit to lead, or should the Democrats consider other options? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Your voice matters, and we want to hear from you!

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  1. Avatar photoPaul Linkmeyer Reply

    After Republican president Lincoln was assassinated vice president Andrew Johnson who was a Democrat became president and began reversing everything Lincoln had done. Consequently the rule was made that president and vice president must be of the same party. The purpose of this rule is to remove the impetus for the opposing party to simply knock off the president and then your guy takes over. Which was the reason Lincoln was assassinated. Why doesn’t anyone other me seem to remember this from American history class

  2. Avatar photoDeborah Reply

    Politicians need to take this seriously. It is obvious that Biden can no longer remain in any part of making political decisions for our Country. His cognitive decline is out there for the whole world to see and is opening the USA for any country to come in and wreck havoc if they so choose. Putting it on the world’ stage is putting every man woman and child in the USA at risk. May God help us all if no one takes the reins to make America safe as well as great again.

  3. Avatar photoKevin Stich Reply

    God help us but we have a 25th Amendment. I am not a Kamala fan but it must be better than a senile old man who is strictly a puppet.

  4. Avatar photoKurt Savegnago Reply

    Dr. Carson is a Neurosurgeon who had sense enough to retire before he burned out. I respect him for that. Am sure he had at least some early exposure to people with dementia in training. I take his opinion very highly. Joe needs to be voted out before more damage is done.

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