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Broward County workers removed paper ballots and loaded them into a rental truck, without officials supervising the move. Considering the fact that in Broward County for some strange reason there were 24,000 fewer votes for the Senate than any other statewide race on the ballot and the head of Broward County elections had destroyed the …

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Andrew Gillum’s bother and sister are being investigated for voter fraud. Both have voted multiple times, even though neither one of them lives there. Gillum’s brother Marcus, voted in the 2016 presidential election despite the fact that he lives in Chicago. The address in Florida, that he uses on his voter registration was sold by …

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Four women in North Dallas have been arrested for a voter fraud scheme that stole votes from the elderly and gave them to Democratic candidates. This was a paid operation in which the women would request a large number of write in ballots and then they would either intercept the ballots or pretend to help …

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And she’s accepted her fate.

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Information can be used to detect voter fraud is being blocked by the left.

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