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A former intelligence analyst working as a contractor for the federal government has been charged with stealing classified documents and turning them over to a reporter. The reporter was not named, but many people think that the recipient of those files was The Intercept, who has a history of publishing leaked documents, including the infamous …

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Another Trump leaker bites the dust. Former FBI agent, Terry James Albury, was sentenced to four years in prison and another three years of supervision after leaking classified information to The Intercept. Albury said that he was just trying to shed light on what was going in in this administration, but no one believed him. The …

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James A Wolfe, former security chief for the Senate Select Intel Committee (SSIC) is being said to have targeted Trump campaign aide Carter Page in leaking classified material to the press. He is charged with leaking and lying to the FBI. He told them several times that he did not know Ali Watkins, a reporter …

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The real issue, and the one they are overlooking is, the questionable legality of these leaks.

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There are so many people contradicting each other that sooner or later, someone is going to roll to either avoid prison or to get a much shorter sentence.

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