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Devin Nunes is giving Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein until 5 PM on Monday to supply his committee with the starting date when the spying began against President Trump. The official date of the investigation is July 31st but there is ample evidence that spying began before that date. Rep Nunes wants the exact date …

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It’s past time to drain the swamp. Impeach one and watch the information flow.

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North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows dropped two major bombs during the questioning of DOJ IG Michael Horowitz on Tuesday. Rep Meadows told Horowitz that there is growing evidence that FBI 302 forms (That’s the form agents use to summarize what happened during an interrigation, including their thoughts as well as the answers from those being …

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The entire ‘FBI investigation’ into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server was a complete sham.

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