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James Comey is scheduled to answer questions for the House on Friday. It will be interesting to see if he actually answers their questions. I bet he won’t. I think he will give a lot of non answers. He can’t afford to take the fifth and he cannot refuse to answer on the grounds of …

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A Democrat running for the House of representatives is billing herself as the Nurse of Naperville. One small problem. She isn’t a nurse and has never been one. She did go to school to be a nurse, but while her classmates worked in hospitals during their summer vacation, Lauren Underwood went to Washington and worked …

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The House and it’s committee chairmen have run out of patience with the FBI and the DOJ

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yet another in a long line of Obama appointees.

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The normal procedure for the FBI is to send the case to a local office for investigation and it would be up to them to recommend or not criminal charges against the target. That didn’t happen in Hillary’s case. All decisions were made by a select few Hillary donors at the FBI. Except for McCabe. …

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