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Who knew Chuck Schumer was such a funny guy? But he must be because Trey Gowdy was unable to hide his laughter at demands made by Chuck Schumer about the Mueller investigation. The Democrats are saying they are afraid that Matt Whitaker will shut the Mueller investigation down. Seriously. I mean after two years and …

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I think people from all sides are finally getting fed up with her

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Once again it was up to President Trump to fix the issue himself

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John Boehner said that we need to look no further than our 20 million veterans…

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Chuck Schumer may be suffering from dementia. But more likely is the fact that he’s willing to forego amnesty for the “Dreamers” in order to have it as a campaign issue in the midterm elections. Because the bottom line is that Democrats really only care about power. This one could backfire on Democrats. Schumer has …

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