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All we ever seem to hear about is how evil the Border Control agents are and that they are racists and sadists. But, this past week, they saved a man from drowning and performed first aid on another one, saving their life also. They even captured an MS-13 member for the heck of it. No …

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New facts have come out about the death of a seven-year-old girl who was in the custody of the Border Patrol. The father says that his daughter did not show signs of distress until 5 AM, meaning that in one hour, the Border Patrol and EMS workers, treated her the best that they could and …

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It’s funny to see liberals who ignored the actions of Barack Obama now pretend outrage when Trump does precisely the same thin

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Last year saw 48 assaults for every 10,000 apprehensions, the highest number this decade.

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But who would undertake such a grueling and dangerous trip?

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