Shocking Claims by MSM: Bible Deemed as Pornographic and Advocates for School Beheadings!

A Controversial Interview: CNN’s Pamela Brown and Oklahoma State Superintendent

Recently, CNN anchor Pamela Brown conducted an interview with Ryan Walters, the Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The topic? Walters’ plan to incorporate the teaching of the Bible in schools as part of American history education. However, instead of facilitating a constructive dialogue, Brown seemed more focused on setting up straw men and launching attacks against Walters.

Accusations and Insinuations

Throughout the interview, Brown repeatedly insinuated that Walters was advocating for teaching students about beheadings. She also claimed that the Bible is pornographic. Despite these accusations, Walters remained calm and redirected the conversation back to his main point — the importance of teaching accurate history to students.

Brown’s Persistent Pressing

Walters tried to explain his intentions multiple times during the interview. Yet, Brown kept pushing him on whether he supported teaching about rape, incest, and beheadings. Instead of addressing Walters’ arguments, she seemed more interested in stirring controversy and painting him as a dangerous figure. It became clear that her goal was not to understand Walters’ plan but to discredit it without listening to his reasoning.

The Role of the Bible in American History

Time and again, Walters emphasized his primary objective — ensuring students learn about the influential role the Bible has played in American history. He pointed out that notable figures such as Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King Jr. often referenced the Bible in their work. Understanding this aspect of our country’s past is crucial for students, according to Walters.

Brown’s Disregard for Walters’ Points

Despite Walters’ explanations, Brown continued to ignore his points and persisted with her accusations. At one point, she even laughed while asking him if he was okay with teaching rape and incest. Her eagerness to discredit Walters and twist his words reflects her bias and refusal to engage in a genuine conversation.

Controversial Topics Over Merits of Bible Study

It is concerning that Brown chose to focus on controversial topics such as rape and incest, rather than discussing the merits of integrating Bible study into schools. It seems she was more interested in creating a sensationalized story than informing the public about what Walters’ plan entails. Her disregard for facts and penchant for sensationalism do not serve her profession as a journalist well and only fuel the narrative that liberal media outlets prioritize their own agenda over truth.

Brown’s Ludicrous Comparison

Brown also attempted to equate the Bible with pornographic material — a comparison Walters swiftly dismissed. He noted that the Bible is not comparable to any material promoting sexuality or gender identity. His reiterated goal of including the Bible in school curriculum is to provide students with a better understanding of their country’s history, not to indoctrinate them or push a certain viewpoint.

Final Thoughts

This interview between Walters and Brown exemplifies mainstream media’s attempts to discredit conservative figures and their plans. Instead of having an informative conversation about the merits and potential drawbacks of teaching the Bible in schools, Brown refused to listen to Walters’ reasoning and continued raising irrelevant and sensationalized accusations. It’s high time for liberal media to put aside their biases and engage in genuine discussions about important societal issues.

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  1. Avatar photoChip V Barton Reply

    This nation of ours has come a long way since 1962 when prayer in schools was restricted. Yes, we have come a long way but in the wrong directions. Just look around you at all that is and has been going on in our country and around the world. And unless we have a revival (reference -2 Chronicles 7:14) and return to the nation of our founding fathers, you haven’t seen anything yet.

  2. Avatar photoCarole Hite Reply

    I am a retired teacher. When I started teaching in the 70’s, I was able to keep a Bible on my desk. While unable to teach the Bible, I was not prohibited from allowing a student to pick it up and read it. I was also free to state that I was a Christian, and although I couldn’t teach the Bible, I could discuss it with a student. Little by little, those rights disappeared as well. I could no longer have the Bible on my desk or mention anything about it. When I first started teaching, the worst behaviors in a classroom were students whispering to each other, failure to turn in a homework assignment, or playground squabbles. By the time I retired, hate-filled speech, students accosting a teacher or another student and causing physical pain was not unheard of. To me, it was a direct correlation…remove the Word of God and watch evil flourish

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