The Shocking Truth: Caitlin Clark Attacked for Being White and Straight in the WNBA!

In recent weeks, WNBA sensation Caitlin Clark has been at the center of a heated controversy. Clark, a white and straight player, has been physically targeted and criticized by some of her peers in the league. This has sparked a debate that goes beyond the basketball court, highlighting a deep hypocrisy within the liberal camp that often preaches equity and diversity. Let’s dive into the details and expose the double standards at play.

Caitlin Clark: A Game-Changer for the WNBA

Caitlin Clark has quickly become a household name, breaking records and drawing massive viewership to WNBA games. Her presence has significantly boosted the league’s ratings, attracting millions of viewers who might not have otherwise tuned in. In 2020, the WNBA’s average viewership was just 205,000. With Clark on the court, viewership soared to over 2 million on several occasions this year.

Despite her undeniable impact, Clark has found herself the target of physical aggression and unwarranted criticism from other players. In a recent game between the Indiana Fever and the Chicago Sky, Clark was shoved to the ground by Chennedy Carter. Clark’s response was composed, stating that she accepts such hits as part of the game and focuses on staying in the game. Carter, on the other hand, refused to comment on the incident, further fueling the controversy.

Hypocrisy from the Left

What’s particularly disturbing is the reaction from some liberal commentators and fans. Instead of condemning the aggression against Clark, they have defended it or downplayed it. The left, which constantly champions equity, diversity, and inclusion (DEI), seems to abandon these principles when it comes to Clark. Because she is white and straight, there appears to be an underlying sentiment that she somehow deserves this treatment.

Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin from “The View” discussed the incident, with Hostin emphasizing that such physicality is normal in basketball. While its true the game is physical, the aggression goes beyond the normal physicality of the WNBA.  The focus on Clark’s identity and the justification of the aggression against her reveal a glaring double standard. If the roles were reversed, and a minority player were targeted in the same way, the outrage would be deafening.

The Jealousy Factor

The jealousy among some WNBA players towards Clark is palpable. Instead of celebrating her achievements and recognizing the positive impact she has had on the league, they seem to resent her success. This jealousy is not just harmful to Clark but to the entire WNBA. By tearing down one of their own, these players are undermining the progress the league has made.

Angel Reese, another talented player, has also faced her share of physical play. However, the narrative surrounding her experiences is different. When Reese was hit during a game, the foul was upgraded to a flagrant 2, and the opposing player was ejected. This discrepancy in treatment highlights the inconsistencies in how different players are perceived and treated based on their identity.

The Left’s Double Standards

The left’s response to Clark’s situation is a textbook example of hypocrisy. They loudly advocate for DEI when it suits their agenda but remain silent or even supportive when a white, straight player like Clark faces unfair treatment. This selective outrage is not only hypocritical but also detrimental to the very principles they claim to uphold.

Becky Hammon, a respected WNBA coach, noted that the criticism of Clark is often framed as minority players hating on her because she is white. This framing is problematic and divisive. Hammon rightly points out that Clark should be recognized for her achievements, regardless of her race or sexual orientation. By focusing on identity, the left is missing the bigger picture and perpetuating the very inequalities they seek to eliminate.

Final Thoughts

Caitlin Clark is an exceptional athlete who has brought much-needed attention and excitement to the WNBA. Instead of tearing her down, her peers and commentators should be celebrating her success and the positive impact she has had on the league. The left’s hypocritical stance on Clark’s treatment exposes a troubling double standard that undermines their own advocacy for equity and inclusion.

It’s time for everyone to recognize Clark for her talent and contributions, free from the biases of identity politics. Let’s give credit where credit is due and support athletes for their achievements on the court, not attack them for who they are off the court.

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  1. Avatar photoRon Reply

    Modern day Jackie Robinson!!! Funny how the blacks complain about white supremacy yet show black supremacy on the court to try and intimidate the white girl. It’s pathetic that the wnba and its financier the NBA let this continue. Maybe bill lambier will identity as a woman and I retire to play enforcer!!!! And as far as Whoopi saying it’s basketball, this racist would be the first to start crying if the roles where reversed!!!!

    1. Avatar photoLibertarian at Heart Reply

      Well stated…this is pure racism condoned by the View (the most ignorant show on the air). It’s shame that someone like Whoopi actually gets a stage…she is the most divisive person on TV.

      What should be reported is how everyone associated with the WNBA will be better off by raising their superstars (the people pay to see). Makes me wonder about a Texas A&M education when Carter can’t see that.

      One last thing – did you see Angel Reese jump off the bench when the assault happened. You know she conspired in it. Hope the league will see who benefits them and who doesn’t.

  2. Avatar photoDr. Ruth Reply

    Amazing how biased blacks are towards whites. Caitlin Clark is a SUPERSTAR, and the reason fans will watch the WNBA. They are not watching to see a bunch of black and white lesbians(–70% estimate ) advocate their deviancies

  3. Avatar photogrumpyveteran Reply

    This is pretty accurate. She is very talented, and that comes from her hard work to become the best female basketball player in college. Then she goes to the WNBA, which is predominately black and lesbian (and full of those with huge egos and extremely low IQ). Expose them for what they are — RACISTS!

  4. Avatar photoTimothy Heitzman Reply

    It is pathetic that idiots can criticize a player that is better than they are because she is white and straight! Let the lesbians play with themselves and quite worrying about true champions!

  5. Avatar photoTimothy Reply

    you can take the savage out of the rain forest (jungle) but you can’t take the rain forest out of the savage (knee grow)

  6. Avatar photoAlan Reply

    The ‘ladies’ in the WNBA show their jealousy toward a very talented and intelligent new player named Caitlin, Clark should show them too by leaving these racist players and get into another occupation. The jealous and obnoxious players dont realize how helpful Clark is to their sport and their financial livelihood.

  7. Avatar photoSteve Miller Reply

    It appears to me to be a bunch of jealous women who think they deserve all the money Ms Clark is receiving. Jealousy at it’s worst!

  8. Avatar photoWOKE JOKES Reply

    I’ll say it everytime the WNBA is in the news……A cunning pack of runts.

    Didn’t the Olympic munchers leave Ms. Clark off the Olympic lesbian team too?

    F the wnba
    F-The American Olympic Lesbians

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