Woke Madness Strikes Again: VA’s Attempt to Erase WWII Victory Kiss Exposed!

A Monumental Victory for History

In recent times, the very foundation of our nation’s history has come under siege by the relentless forces of woke ideology, seeking to rewrite and erase the milestones of our past. Yet, the spirit of American resilience shines brightly, as demonstrated in a recent victory within the Veterans Affairs (VA) corridors, where an attempt to censor a pivotal moment in American history was boldly countered and defeated.

The Controversy

The storm erupted with a memo from Assistant Under Secretary for Health Operations RimaAnn Nelson, aiming to remove the iconic V-J Day in Times Square photograph from VA facilities. This image, capturing a sailor’s jubilant embrace of a nurse, symbolizes the end of World War II and the joy of a nation reborn from the ashes of conflict. The reason for its proposed removal? A misguided attempt to create a “more trauma-informed environment,” citing the kiss as “non-consensual.” This move, veiled in the language of sensitivity, was a direct assault on our collective memory and the honor of our veterans.

The Conservative Vanguard Strikes Back

Champions of our heritage, Montana Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Ryan Zinke, stood firm against this affront. Their swift action, encapsulated in a letter to VA Secretary Denis McDonough, condemned the memo’s “politically driven” motives, defending the sanctity of our history and the respect due to our veterans against the encroachments of woke censorship.

A Victory for Veterans and History Alike

The response from Secretary McDonough was swift and decisive, ensuring the photograph’s place in VA facilities remained secure. This outcome not only marks a victory for historical integrity but also underscores the necessity of vigilance in the face of attempts to rewrite our past.

The Ongoing Struggle for Our Nation’s Soul

This incident is a stark reminder of the broader battle against a culture intent on sanitizing and revising our history to fit a divisive, ideological agenda. It is a call to arms for every conservative to stand guard over our nation’s narrative, ensuring the truth of our past, and the sacrifices of our veterans are honored and preserved.

A Rallying Cry for Conservative Action

Let the attempted censorship of the V-J Day photograph serve as a clarion call to all who value our history and the legacy of our veterans. We must unite in the defense of our traditions, history, and the very essence of the American spirit against the tide of woke revisionism.

Final Thoughts

The battle over the V-J Day photograph is more than a skirmish over a single image; it is indicative of the larger war for the soul of our nation. As conservatives, we must remain “Steadfast and Loyal”  as our site’s name implies, in our commitment to protect and celebrate our history, ensuring it remains untainted for future generations to learn from and cherish.

Together, we stand as guardians of our past, ready to confront and counter the forces that seek to undermine our shared heritage. The victory at the VA is a testament to what we can achieve when united in purpose and principle. Let us move forward with renewed vigor, committed to the preservation of our national identity and the enduring values that define us.



    1. Avatar photoSteve Hughes Reply

      What’s that MEAN? And WHAT’S your point?

      ANYONE have a SHRED of evidence this was non-consensual?
      Someone PLEASE refer AG Garland to my post.

  1. Avatar photoYO VINNIE Reply

    These freaks are offended by anything and everything, looking for trouble were none exists.

    What a bunch of @ holes.

    This is a historic photo from the end of World War II. Leave it the hell alone.

  2. Avatar photoDeann Frazier Reply

    Assistant Under Secretary for Health Operations? Really? What is this position? Why is it needed? Is it taxpayer-funded? I suspect it’s a part of the deep-dark-wide swamp.

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