Kamala Harris: The Most Unlikeable Politician of All Time? One Heartbeat Away from Power!

Understanding Kamala Harris: A Closer Look

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, is just a step away from assuming the highest office in the nation. With President Joe Biden not getting any younger, there’s a possibility that Harris may ascend to that position. However, despite her high-ranking status, Harris has often been criticized as being unlikable and ineffective. Let’s delve deeper into her political record and public image.

Is Kamala Harris Truly an Intellectual Leader?

While some media outlets present Kamala Harris as a brilliant thinker and a transformative leader, her actions and speeches suggest otherwise. Her public appearances have often been marred by blunders and awkward moments. For instance, she once fumbled over a statement about the importance of time, repeating it without making any significant point. Moreover, her tendency to laugh during serious conversations has earned her the dubious title of “the cackler.” Such behavior raises questions about her suitability for leadership.

Harris’ Attempts at Relatability

Harris has made various attempts to connect with ordinary Americans, although these efforts often come across as contrived and insincere. For example, in one video, she claimed to be “out here in these streets,” which many perceived as an unnatural attempt to sound relatable. In another video, she addressed the fictional nation of Wakanda from the Marvel universe. These incidents highlight a disconnect between Harris and reality and suggest that she may be trying too hard to win approval.

Harris and Lawlessness

During the 2020 riots following the Black Lives Matter protests, Harris was seen raising bail money for those arrested. She was even quoted saying, “They’re not going to stop, and they shouldn’t stop,” seemingly endorsing the disorder that was engulfing American cities. This behavior is concerning, especially coming from someone who could potentially become the President.

Harris’ Controversial Prosecutorial Record

Before becoming Vice President, Harris served as a prosecutor in California, a tenure that was not without controversy. She reportedly put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and later laughed about it when asked if she had ever used marijuana herself. There were also instances where she blocked evidence that could have freed an innocent man from death row and kept convicts in prison beyond their sentences for cheap labor. These actions raise doubts about her empathy and her willingness to use power responsibly.

The Tulsi Gabbard Incident

During the 2019 Democratic presidential debate, Tulsi Gabbard exposed Harris’ harsh prosecutorial tactics and apparent hypocrisy. Harris seemed unable to defend these accusations, which raised questions about her credibility.

Is Harris a Visionary Leader?

Despite the Democratic Party’s attempts to portray Harris as a visionary leader, her speeches often lack substance and coherence. She has been known to talk about random topics like the beauty of yellow school buses and Venn diagrams but fails to articulate a clear vision for America’s future.

Final Thoughts

Kamala Harris’ political career has been marked by controversies and missteps. Her public appearances are often awkward, her record as a prosecutor is troubling, and her attempts to connect with Americans seem forced. Despite being positioned as the future of the Democratic Party, it’s clear that she falls short of what America needs in a leader. We deserve a leader who is honest, competent, and truly understands our needs.

What are your thoughts on Kamala Harris? Do you agree with the criticisms leveled against her? Share your views in the comments section below!



  1. Avatar photoRobert Eisele Reply

    This clown will never have any more power than she has today, the collapse of the Dumbocrat Party is almost complete!

  2. Avatar photoErnst Reply

    Kamala Harris is a bumbling fool who blames her staff for her own missteps. An incompetent person who cannot take responsibility is a definition of a poor leader.

  3. Avatar photoAmericawantsfrogs Reply

    Kamala is that woman who tries so hard to be an intellectual and fails. Everything she tries to say and shares, she ends up saying nothing. Kamala reminds me of the student that never read a book in her life and tries to pass herself off as someone who is at best hearing about Cliff notes on a book. When she tries to explain the book, her summary is that the book has an introduction and a n ending. But she doesn’t know what the book was about. This is why she laughs so much too. Empty headed and pathetic.

  4. Avatar photoAdrian Vance Reply

    I was once on the phone with Kamala when she was the CA AG as I was complaneing about the CA Franchise Tax Board having taken $1,000 out of my BofA account on a phone so I no longer bank in CA. BofA charged me $150 for the “Service.” It was the longest phone call of my life listening to her phony laughing. I documented much more in my book “The Evil California Franchise Tax Board” on sale at Amazon, just input the title in the search routine and you can read some of it free or buy it for a few Dollars. It has gotten very good reviews

    Adrian Vance

    1. Avatar photoJimmy Parker Post author Reply

      Thanks Adrian. I just looked at your book on Amazon. I’ll add a link to your book in a future article. Appreciate you following Steadfastandloyal!

    1. Avatar photoJimmy Parker Post author Reply

      Not being censored, just need to approve your first comment. There are many spammers out there that we need filter out. You are good to comment on our articles now. Thanks for reading!

  5. Avatar photoGwyllim Reply

    I don’t see what the difference would be in Jeff Zientz telling Joe what to say and do and sign, and telling Kamel-A what to say and do and sign.

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