Will Joe Biden Pardon His Son? Hunter’s Emotional Gun Trial Testimony Inside!

The Case Against Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is currently facing a historic gun trial in Delaware. This trial has captivated the nation, particularly because of the high-profile nature of the defendant and the serious charges involved. Hunter Biden is accused of lying on a federal gun purchase form by stating he was not addicted to drugs when he bought a revolver in 2018. This is a significant accusation because it involves potential federal crimes, including lying to a federally licensed gun dealer, making a false statement on the gun application, and illegally possessing the firearm for 11 days.

Prosecutors argue that Hunter Biden was deeply addicted to drugs at the time of the purchase, and they have presented personal and emotional evidence to support their case. Testimony from Hunter’s ex-wife and a former girlfriend painted a picture of severe addiction, showing jurors images and videos of Hunter Biden in disheveled conditions, using crack cocaine. The goal of the prosecution is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Hunter was lying when he checked “no” on the form asking if he was an unlawful user of, or addicted to, drugs.

Naomi Biden’s Emotional Testimony

A pivotal moment in the trial came when Hunter Biden’s daughter, Naomi Biden, took the stand for the defense. Naomi’s testimony was deeply emotional and personal. She recounted visiting her father in October 2018 while he was at a rehab facility in California. Naomi told the court that during this visit, her father seemed to be doing well and she felt hopeful about his recovery. She mentioned seeing him at a coffee shop with his “sober coach” and noted that he appeared to be on the right path.

However, the prosecution cross-examined Naomi, questioning the depth of her knowledge about her father’s condition during his addiction. They pointed out that there were times when Naomi didn’t see her father and might not have known what he was truly experiencing. Prosecutors even read out private text messages between Naomi and Hunter, showing moments of distress and confusion about his behavior. One text from Naomi in 2018 said, “I’m sorry I can’t do this. I miss you. I just want to see you,” highlighting the strained and painful relationship during that period.

Hunter Biden was visibly emotional during his daughter’s testimony, and they embraced when she left the stand. Her testimony aimed to humanize Hunter and show that he had periods where he was trying to get better, which could impact how the jury views his state of mind when he bought the gun.

Will President Biden Pardon His Son?

As the trial unfolds, a significant question looms: will President Joe Biden pardon his son if he is convicted? President Biden has publicly stated that he will accept the jury’s verdict and will not issue a pardon. In an interview with ABC, he said, “I am the President, but I am also a Dad. Jill and I love our son, and we are so proud of the man he is today.” Despite these statements, many are skeptical.

The idea of a presidential pardon for Hunter Biden is controversial and raises questions about fairness and justice. If Hunter is convicted, a pardon from his father could be seen as an abuse of presidential power, sparking outrage and further political division. On the other hand, not issuing a pardon could result in a significant prison sentence for Hunter, potentially up to 25 years, although first-time offenders typically receive much lighter sentences.

The Fairness of the Trial

Another point of contention is whether Hunter Biden is receiving a fair trial. The trial is taking place in Delaware, a state closely associated with the Biden family. Some argue that this could lead to biases in favor of Hunter, given the local connections and influence the Biden family may have. The judge presiding over the case, Maryellen Noreika, was appointed by former President Donald Trump but was recommended by Democratic senators. This mix of political influences adds another layer of complexity to the proceedings.

Critics worry that the trial’s location might affect its outcome, suggesting that it could be easier for Hunter Biden to receive leniency or favorable treatment. However, supporters of the trial argue that the legal process is being followed appropriately and that Hunter is facing the same scrutiny as any other defendant.

Final Thoughts

The trial of Hunter Biden is a significant and emotional event, drawing attention from across the country. With serious charges against him, the testimony of his daughter, and the looming question of a presidential pardon, this case has many layers. The nation watches closely, wondering if justice will be served fairly.

What do you think? Will President Biden stay true to his word and not pardon his son if convicted? Do you believe Hunter Biden is receiving a fair trial in Delaware? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Your opinions matter, and we want to hear from you!

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  1. Avatar photoDavid Moscovic Reply

    Like Father like Son. They are both experienced liers. Big guy lier Biden WILL
    Exonerate his lost son. Primarily because he is partly responsible for raising a complete lying failure. Government cover up. .

  2. Avatar photoSteven Reply

    If the verdict is guilty, the pardon will be issued Nov 6.
    No one remotely objective believes a pardon will not be issued. Even those that claim it won’t happen don’t actually believe it.

  3. Avatar photomike Reply

    Biden will

  4. Avatar photoJoan von Shtup Reply

    There will not be any reason to pardon his son, simply because he won’t be found guilty. Mere words from Biden knowing that his son will never be convicted of any thing, whether it’s drugs, guns. lying or anything else. Look what they did to President Trump, everything against him was nothing but lies.

  5. Avatar photoFred Doe Reply

    No he will not because the dishonorably discharged crackhead will walk free just like they found Trump guilty of 34 imaginary crimes.

  6. Avatar photoKevin M. Reply

    Even with all the evidence against Hunter, he will probably be found not guilty of some lame excuse like the special prosecutor did for Dementia Joe. This is all political theater. This will be another rigged trial, but this time benefiting the democraps.

  7. Avatar photoJesse Tomblin Reply

    Pedo Joe will pardon Hunter no matter what he may say Publicly. He won’t do anything to LOSE his paydays.

  8. Avatar photoKurt Reply

    I think it was posted that Joe Biden recorded he wouldn’t pardon his son. If that’s not true, he’s going to be voted out of office. If he does pardon him, it will be a “Bye, bye action.” Too old and demented to be electable again. If the electorate is so demented and he gets “in again”, his so-called “advisors” will be running the country. Heaven help us if the electorate is so stupid to do that. Am proud I didn’t vote for him at any time.

  9. Avatar photojim Reply

    The smiles of Hunter as the trial was going on, are a good indication that Joe has already told him that 2 minutes after a guilty verdict, the pardon would be on the judge’s bench.

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