Watch! Gavin Newsom’s Masterclass in Hypocrisy!

In a recent appearance on “Meet the Press,” California Governor Gavin Newsom lavished praise on President Joe Biden, calling his presidency a “masterclass.” Newsom’s adulation, however, stands in stark contrast to the realities of Biden’s tenure and the public’s growing concerns.

Newsom’s Praise vs. Reality

Newsom revered Biden’s record, stating, “What he’s done in three years has been a masterclass.” He highlighted the creation of close to 15 million jobs, asserting, “The economy is booming, inflation is cooling.” Newsom also praised Biden’s wisdom and bipartisan leadership, attributing American manufacturing’s return and other successes to Biden’s policies.

However, a closer examination of Biden’s presidency paints a different picture:

  1. Misleading Job Creation Statistics: Contrary to Newsom’s claims, nearly 72 percent of all job gains since 2021 were jobs recovered from the pandemic, not new job creation. In fact, when looking at today’s economy compared to pre-pandemic levels, employment is up only by 3.7 million, significantly less than the 6.7 million jobs created under President Trump.
  2. The Border Crisis: The U.S.-Mexico border has seen over 2.4 million encounters in Fiscal Year 2023, a staggering increase from previous years, contradicting Newsom’s implications of effective leadership.
  3. Rampant Inflation: While Newsom’s claims of “cooling” inflation is technically correct, it is still significantly greater than it was when Biden took office and has become “sticky” over the last 6 months.  Due to Biden’s monetary policy inflation unnecessarily peaked over nine percent in June 2022, and is still significantly impacting the cost of living for Americans.
  4. Crime Out of Control: The property crime rate increased for the first time since 2001, and robbery rates rose nearly 1% in 2022, challenging Newsom’s portrayal of a secure and safe America under Biden.
  5. The Afghanistan Withdrawal Disaster: The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, a significant foreign policy blunder, starkly contrasts with Newsom’s praise of Biden’s wisdom and leadership.
  6. Skyrocketing Gas Prices: Biden’s energy policies have led to a significant rise in gas prices, a reality far from the booming economy Newsom describes.
  7. Wars Raging Out of Control: The ongoing conflicts in regions like Ukraine and the Middle East continue to challenge Biden’s foreign policy, contrary to Newsom’s depiction of effective bipartisan leadership.

Newsom’s Political Maneuvering

Newsom’s effusive praise is more aligned with political strategy than an honest assessment. His willingness to overlook the glaring issues of the Biden presidency suggests a narrative driven more by party loyalty or more likely a personal agenda than by the realities faced by Americans.

Final Thoughts

Governor Newsom’s glowing endorsement of President Biden, juxtaposed with the stark realities of Biden’s presidency, underscores a political landscape where rhetoric overshadows truth. It’s important for the public to critically evaluate these endorsements and understand the underlying political motivations.


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