Boston’s Call For $15 Billion In Reparations Heats Up!

In Boston, a city steeped in history, a contentious debate is unfolding over the idea of paying reparations to the Black community. This concept, which demands financial compensation for the descendants of slaves from churches and institutions with historical ties to slavery, is not just flawed—it’s fundamentally out of touch with the realities of modern society.

Breaking Down the Reparations Demand

The push for a $15 billion reparations package in Boston is a prime example of good intentions paving a road to nowhere. Advocates argue that white churches and their congregations owe a debt to the Black community for the sins of slavery. But here’s the rub: today’s Bostonians, churches included, are generations removed from those dark times. Holding them financially accountable for the actions of ancestors is not just unreasonable; it’s illogical.

The Financial Folly

Let’s talk numbers. The proposed $15 billion is a staggering sum, dwarfing the city’s annual budget. Even if we set aside the monumental task of collecting this money, the idea of distributing it fairly is a logistical nightmare. Who qualifies? How much do they get? The plan is riddled with more questions than answers, making it an administrative quagmire and a legal minefield.

Churches in the Crosshairs

Zeroing in on churches as the source of reparations cash is especially misguided. Many of these institutions have long since turned their focus to community service, charity, and advocating for social justice. To saddle them with a historical debt is to potentially cripple their ability to serve the very communities reparations advocates aim to help. It’s counterproductive and, frankly, unfair.

Looking Forward, Not Backward

The reparations argument also misses a crucial point: you can’t fix the past with money. Slavery’s legacy is a complex web of social, economic, and racial issues that can’t be untangled with checks. Instead of dwelling on financial reparations that sow division and resentment, we should invest in education, economic opportunities, and community programs that have a real chance of making a difference.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that reparations, as currently proposed in Boston, are a non-starter. They ignore the complexities of history, the realities of modern society, and the practicalities of implementation. Rather than chasing an unworkable solution that divides us further, let’s focus on actions that genuinely move the needle toward equality and justice. In the end, the reparations debate is a distraction from the hard work needed to build a more inclusive future.



  1. Avatar photorobert metler Reply

    u dumb people do know there was white slaves to, so if one color gets reparations then all colors should get it. what we all want to know is the first slave owner and seller in america was a black man he even went to court so as to sell and trade blacks will those blacks be made to pay. anthony johnson was his name this happened in 1654 in northhampton,, history is great if only people would read about it…..

  2. Avatar photolinda Reply

    NO NO WAY they DO NOT DO NOT DESERVE ANY REPARATIONS they were never slaves so why in the hell should people aka tax payers of today pay for something that they had no part of and oh I know you poor black people have to blame all white people but history says white people were also held as slaves and it was a black man that first started selling other black people to wealthy white AND AND black people so shut the hell up with your sorry axxx excuses the city of BOSTON is crazy if they start paying you anything

  3. Avatar photoStan Fronczak Reply

    Black people don’t care if this is not sensible or not fair or totally illogical. All they want is more free money. This is just another social justice scam to give money to a segment of our population that expects to be paid for their mere existence.

  4. Avatar photoPatriotRWB Reply

    Oh, I’m all for Reparations! That means only Democrats will have to pony up the money since they owned the slaves, not one of them voted for the 14th Amendment, they created the KKK, they wrote the Jim Crow laws, and they overwhelmingly supported segregation. Hey, Democrats, time to pay up!

  5. Avatar photosteve syron Reply

    Stupidity and greed at its worst. Should the blacks pay back (reparations)all the welfare and other benefits they have received courtesy of the white taxpayer for the past 100 yrs. ?

    Another black attempt to get millions of un-earned $$

  6. Avatar photo1PatriotForever Reply

    Ask your bestiest Liberals for it. I mean they wouldnt let you vote, created the KKK to keep you in line, developed welfare to separate your family unit, and put your children’s children in a welfare cycle. BUT HEY – they are all for ya ^5

  7. Avatar photoStan Ritchie Reply

    Don’t see too many black folks here making any counter points, I’m sure the irish who also suffered slavery would also want to be included. Or maybe we could make this a world reparations fiasco by making the Moors repay the Italians for invading their land raping and enslaving them, History is full of conquering other peoples lands and wealth and then enslaving and raping them. Many black slave traders from Africa sold there own people to whoever paid them the price. The only way to undo history is to not let it happen again. The American Indians are now portrayed as spirital peaseful peoples had there own share of wars and enslaving there prisoners. Not judging here human history is replete with examples over and over again. The remarks made earlier about Democrats were true and it took a civel war and a death of a great president to undo the continuence of these bad policies. So shoud the ancestors of the Union soiders who fought and died should they have to pay. Should the ancestors of slaves have to give any reparison moneys to the many people who freed them. Should the people , Republicans have to pay wasn’t sheeding there blood payment enough? So the money would have to come from taxes which means all people pay, making everyone responcible for the crimes of the few. Drop it find another way, you don’t heal old wounds by createing new ones.

  8. Avatar photodon Reply

    Not the dumbest idea ever, but dumber than anything else I can think of. What about white slaves? What about Black slave owners? What about compassionate slave owners? What about blacks that have no slaves in their family? What about rich blacks, do they pay or get money? P Diddy is a black billionaire. How much does he get? How much do NFL and NBA millionaires get? This is just another Black something for nothing grab. Do you deduct the billions spent on black special benefits over the years? Billions to Baltimore and Chicago. What about blacks that emigrated from other countries that have no slave history? If you pay a reparation, does that mean no more freebies for blacks like SNAP cards, free housing, free child care, utility assistance? Sounds like they want business as usual (lots of free stuff for just being black) plus a cash add-on. How about just handing out airline tickets back to their claimed home town?

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