If Biden Steps Down, Harris Will Be the Nominee! If This Doesn’t Scare the S**t Out Of You And Motivate You To Vote – Nothing Will!

In one of the strangest election years we’ve seen, there’s been constant chatter about Joe Biden stepping down as the presidential nominee. Speculation abounds that he could be replaced by Gretchen Whitmer or Gavin Newsom. But let’s get real: if Biden steps down, his Vice President, Kamala Harris, will be the Democratic nominee. And if that doesn’t scare the s**t out of you, nothing will!

Harris: The Most Unqualified Candidate

Kamala Harris’s rise to the vice presidency has been anything but smooth. She’s been criticized for her handling of multiple issues, and it’s clear she was chosen primarily for her identity—being a woman of color. This Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) pick has left many questioning her qualifications. Her tenure as Vice President has been marred by one failure after another, proving that she is not fit to lead this country.

A Record of Failures

Harris was tasked with handling the border crisis, but instead of addressing the issues, she avoided the problem. Despite being appointed as the “border czar,” she has visited the border only once, and the situation has only worsened under her watch. The border remains a mess, with record numbers of illegal crossings and a humanitarian crisis that continues to spiral out of control.

She has also been involved in various diplomatic efforts that have not yielded any positive results. Her meetings with world leaders have often been criticized for lacking substance and direction. This raises serious concerns about her ability to handle international relations if she were to become president.

The Most Unliked Politician

Harris’s approval ratings are among the lowest in modern history for a Vice President. According to a recent Politico–Morning Consult poll, while 74% of Democrats think she’d make a good president, the general public disagrees. In fact, her disapproval ratings are sky-high. She is seen as out of touch with everyday Americans and fails to connect with voters.

Harris’s unpopularity is not just a conservative talking point. Even within her own party, there are whispers of discontent. Democrats are worried about her electability, especially when compared to other potential candidates. In early 2028 preferences among Democrats, Harris leads, but with a tepid 41%, indicating that many are not fully on board with her candidacy.

A DEI Pick Gone Wrong

Kamala Harris’s selection as Vice President was seen as a landmark moment for diversity in politics. However, this focus on identity over capability has backfired. Instead of choosing the best candidate for the job, Biden’s administration prioritized checking diversity boxes. This decision has led to disastrous results, highlighting the dangers of making DEI the primary criterion for such important positions.

Vulnerability in the General Election

Even among Democrats, there are concerns about Harris’s ability to win a general election. The same Politico–Morning Consult poll shows that only 59% of Democrats think she could win in 2024. This is a troubling sign for the party, as it indicates a lack of confidence in her leadership and electability.

Harris’s vulnerability in the general election is compounded by her weak support among crucial voter blocs. While she does have some strength among Black and Latino voters, this is not enough to secure a victory. Her overall unpopularity makes her a risky candidate, especially against a strong Republican opponent.

The Abortion Issue

Harris has positioned herself as the leading voice on abortion rights within the Democratic Party. While this may galvanize some voters, it is unlikely to be a winning strategy in the general election. The abortion issue is deeply polarizing, and her extreme stance alienates many moderate and conservative voters.

As the election approaches, abortion will undoubtedly become a more prominent issue. However, relying on this issue alone is not a winning strategy. Harris’s lack of accomplishments and her overall unpopularity make her an unfit candidate to lead the country, regardless of her stance on abortion.

The Irritating Cackle

Let’s not forget Kamala Harris’s infamous cackle. Her laugh, often perceived as a nervous or evasive reaction, has irritated many Americans. Whether it’s during interviews, press conferences, or debates, her cackle tends to come out at the most inopportune moments. This habit has only added to her unlikability, making her seem insincere and dismissive of serious questions. In a time when the country needs strong, composed leadership, this kind of behavior is far from reassuring.

Final Thoughts

If Joe Biden steps down, Kamala Harris will be the Democratic nominee. This should concern every American who cares about the future of this country. Harris is unqualified, has a track record of failures, and is the most unliked politician in recent memory. Her rise to power as a DEI pick has shown the pitfalls of prioritizing identity over competence.

America needs a leader who can tackle the issues head-on, not someone who avoids them. Harris has proven time and again that she is not that leader. The thought of her running the country should scare us all.

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  1. Avatar photoLMB Reply

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire!!! The Hynea would be a worse laughing stock (no pun intended) than the Dementia Buffoon, Xiden!!!

  2. Avatar photoCharlieSeattle Reply

    Psst! ……………..The DNC election Fraud apparatus is STILL INTACT.
    The cackling female muslin appologist bird brain will have no problem!

    1. Avatar photoAllen Reply

      C’mon man, CharlieSeattle. We all know that bird brain is Nikki Haley. I do not think Kamala Harris has a brain, bird or other. I know, for sure, she has the worst fing laugh I ever heard. And, I consider myself (one man’s opinion) an expert on lovely women’s laughs.

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