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Michael Cohen said that he heard Roger Stone tell Donald Trump that he spoke to Julian Assange and that emails would be released in a few days. How many people knew that? Several million at least. In March, Wikileaks teased about the emails and then again in July of 2016, Wikileaks once again said they …

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The Democratic Party is suing WikiLeaks for publishing the stolen emails. Now, WikiLeaks is fighting back and they want our help to do it. They want to countersue the Democrats and indeed, their first filing will take place on Friday. There is something in this for all conservatives. Because there will be discoveries made during …

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The United States believe they will soon be able to arrest and charge Julian Assange for releasing classified documents on WikiLeaks.  It has been revealed that there is a secret indictment of Assange. There is one interesting aspect in this case. Julian Assange has proof of who leaked the DNC emails. He could try to …

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Mueller won’t find anything, because there is nothing to find.

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