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Either Adam Schiff is bluffing or he is a total idiot. By now, everyone knows that Mueller would have to face questions from Republicans, such as, “How can you say conclusively that the Russians hacked the DNC server when you never even saw it?” …and? “Why did you drag the investigation past the midterm elections …

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In testimony before a Senate committee, AG Bill Barr has confirmed that there are multiple investigations into leaking. One can only hope that Adam Schiff is the subject of several of those, along with John Brennan and James Clapper. This is the first indication that real investigations into illegal leaking is being looked into. If …

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Michael Cohen will be testifying to three separate congressional committees. He is allegedly going to accuse the president of crimes surrounding the hush payments he made before the election. The problem is that Trump paid the money out of his own pocket, which is not a crime. The White House has reacted to the allegation …

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On Tuesday Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, refuted President Trump and insisted the Iranian regime was not seeking nuclear arms. President Trump isn’t very good at picking people for his administration. Coats is a prime example. After the president insisted that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, Coats testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee and …

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Be aware, if you lie or contradict your proffer, your immunity goes away.

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The texts between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok show an obvious bias and she has a lot to answer for.

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