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ISIS is taking credit for a bombing that killed four US servicemen in Syria. Three others were wounded. The servicemen had gone to a small restaurant to meet with some of their counterparts in Syria when the bomb went off. It has not yet been confirmed that ISIS was behind the attack. They take credit …

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Two Americans were captured in Syria, There were fighting with ISIS. Warren Christopher Clark had sent his resume to ISIS in hopes of teaching English in the caliphate capital. Two other Americans were picked up with three other terrorists as they were planning a mass murder in the name of the caliphate. FOX News reported: Two …

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If you need any further proof that Democrats are totally unhinged and off their freaking rocker, look no further than Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio, who also worked in the Obama White House. He said that President Trump is erratic for pulling troops out of Syria. Then, he turned around and said he’d …

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Hillary Clinton, the woman who armed terrorists in both Libya and Syria say that President Trump is giving aid and comfort to ISIS, whom he destroyed. Trump is pulling our troops out of Syria, now that ISIS is holding on to a very small slice of Syria, with Syrian and Iraqi troops on both sides. …

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Let’s see what else President Trump has up his sleeve.

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Iran constantly makes threats against Israel but after seeing the results of their attack on Israel, they have not been very successful in their endeavors.

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It’s hard to tell what will come out of this as neither side has made any direct quotes on the matter.

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The Department of Defense has released a video showing what it’s like when a Tomahawk missile is launched from a ship. Talk about shock and awe. But I’m sure the receiving end is more shocked than the people on the ship are. After all, having a cruise missile land in your lap has a tendency …

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