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Here is a perfect example of a double standard between the Republicans and the Democrats. Susan Rice lashed out at President Trump for keeping the notes locked up in a top-secret vault. Then she admitted that Obama did the same thing. She tried to justify this by saying there was nothing in the Trump conversation …

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There is now so much evidence that Barack Obama was eyeball deep in the spying on of the Trump campaign, that it’s become irrefutable. How do we know? For several reasons. First of all, we learned of the many people both foreign and domestic that he was spying on. There was a meeting in the …

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Federal Judge Lamberth has run out of patience with the State Department and ordered discovery to begin immediately and has also ordered that both Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes must answer all the written questions submitted to them by Judicial Watch and they must do so under oath and threat of perjury. This is very …

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If the Russian threat was so great, why was a stand-down order issued?

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