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In what could possibly be a liberal inspired attack, a Florida Man was on his way to Bellamy Elementary School in Tampa,  where he planned to kill as many young children as he could. He was triggered because the school is painted to look like an American flag. The school was named for Tampa resident …

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A police officer issued a ticket to a truck driver who suddenly lunged at the officer and stabbed him with a screwdriver only to find himself dead moments later after the officer shoots him. The officer is in the ICU unit of the hospital but is expected to survive, What kind of idiot does it …

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An illegal alien has been accused of spending 40 minutes in torturing and stabbing a beloved grandmother of six. Marco Cobos, 19-years-old, is an illegal alien from Mexico has been arrested and arraigned for the murder of 75-year-old Etta Nugent 13 times in Houston, Texas. Cobos was living in a stolen truck in Nugent’s neighborhood …

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If only he had said something relevant to give them a clue.

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