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A 19-year-old girl went nuts in Portland, screaming, hitting and spitting at conservatives. The conservatives kept turning the other cheek as they continued to record her assault on them. Authorities arrested left-wing Antifa protester Hannah McClintock and charged her with harassment. Figures. She was punching people. That’s assault, not harassment. Five others were arrested on various …

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Antifa is at it again in Portland thanks to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s absolute tolerance of the domestic terror group. He orders the police to stand down and they and the citizens of Portland are at the mercy of these thugs. During the latest debacle, one member of the group got right up in the face …

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I have a question about this. In Portland,are they referred to as dildos or as Mini Mes? I have to question their sanity. Why are they using dildos as props? Or are they bringing them for recreational purposes? Allegedly, the dildos represent people who come into Portland and not to Portland residents themselves. It is …

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Instead of a government giveaway program, wouldn’t it make more sense to get them jobs?

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The bottom line is this is a nation of laws

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Antifa, was at it again this weekend as they violently attack the Christian group, the Portland Patriot Prayer group. Antifa brought bottles, rocks, and mace to use in attacking the prayer vigil. To Antifa’s horror, some decided to fight back and in the case of one skinny would be terrorist, it did not turn out …

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