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The WaPo is at it again, publishing a BS story and trying to pass it off as fact. They claimed that Trump paid North Korea 2 million dollars in order to get Otto Warmbier released from that country. Warmbier died just days after being brought home. The President quickly and emphatically denied any such deal …

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As President Trump gets set to meet with Kim Jong Un for the second time, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo says that President Trump will abandon the Obama policy of praying and cowering before the North Korean leader. What a nightmare for the Democrats. They were sorely hoping that Trump would be as big a …

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Why wasn’t winning this easy for our previous President?

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Kim Jong-un made a terrible miscalculation. Evidently, he thought he was dealing with Barack Obama and he started trashing the US to get concessions in the upcoming talks. He may have thought he could play Trump the way Iran played Obama, who wanted a deal at all costs even if it was an extremely bad …

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One of the main things Kim requires to denuclearization is huge and quite telling…

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Remember when Democrats and the media criticized President Trump for talking tough?

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No country has ever attacked the United States when we were militarily prepared and yet there’s a heavy looming threat.

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North Korea

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are continuing to increase this week, as North Korea has allegedly invaded South Korean airspace with an unidentified craft. While American and Japanese warships have been patrolling the waters just off the coast of the Koreas, Kim Jong Un and his reclusive regime have continually pushed the international envelope in …

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Despite warnings, Kim Jong-un, also know as The Glorious Potato, moved forward with their testing of a nuke.

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