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Reps Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan are requesting the documents about Russian interference from the Obama era. The pair sen a letter to the head of the DHS, Kirstjen Nielsen, asking for a pile of documents produced by the Obama administration. At that time, DHS Jeh Johnson went to congress to testify, along with President Obama’s …

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During the middle of Michael Cohen’s testimony, Mark Meadows referred him to the DOJ for not registering as a foreign lobbyist. Cohen tried to brush it off by saying he lobbied for private companies not foreign governments. But that was a lie. He was hired to close a deal for Qatar to but part of …

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If you’ve read a lot of my previous articles, you know my opinion of the House Ethics Committee and this week, you got positive proof I am right. They had three people they were checking out for ethics complaints. Ruben Kihuen. Mark Meadows and Maxine Waters. Kihuen sexually harassed three women and was sanctioned by …

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North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, one of the top Republicans in Congress, wants the lead judge on the secret surveillance court to investigate whether the FBI abused the process to obtain FISA warrants against Carter Page. Meadows wants to know whether the FISA process was “weaponized for political means.” Republicans claim that the FBI misled …

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Rod Rosenstein doesn’t show today. Now Fusion’s Glenn Simpson reportedly takes the Fifth.

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But Rosenstein resigning could turn into a nightmare for the Senate…

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It’s past time to drain the swamp. Impeach one and watch the information flow.

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We need more action and less talk from Congress. They have the tools but they must use them to be effective.

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Tampering with a 302 is a felony can result in serious prison time.

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