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Thank you, Democrats, Without your open borders, leprosy would still be on the decline in the United States. But a recent report shows that leprosy is on the rise in Los Angeles. The report found that the majority of leprosy patients are Hispanic with most of them coming from Mexico. My idea would be to …

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Cher is now back peddling as fast as she can. In the past she has been strictly open borders until Trump speculated on sending illegals to sanctuary cities. Cher says that Los Angeles, whom she calls her city, cannot afford to keep illegal aliens when they can’t even help Americans who are homeless. How long …

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The city of Los Angeles will begin charging drivers who travel on congested roads around the city. Exactly how they plan on doing that could be a problem. Will they set up toll booths? Seems like a self defeating proposition to me. Ask anyone who has ever driven down to the Jersey shore and have …

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A vital tool in their fight against gangs may be in jeopardy.

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