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Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris had ethics complaints filed against them for their behavior during the Kavanaugh hearings. During the hearings both Warren and Harris, used the hearings to fund raise. It is against the Senate rules to use your position to raise money. It is not uncommon for Senators to vote and then use …

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Kamala Harris is trying to get people to vote for Democrats in November by offering everyone government hand out checks. She wants the government to give every family that makes less than $100,00 a year to get $500 a month from the government. According to the 2010 census, there are over 114,000,000 families in America. …

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Harris tweeted out a video lasting 11 seconds and here it is!

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This is more than just “out there” – it’s just plain wrong!

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This is just more propaganda from Williams who has seldom been right about anything.

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