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AG Bill Barr said that it is very unusual for the FBI to use such an error-ridden document like the DNC Dossier to be used as a primary source in an investigation. He says he has gotten answers to some of his questions that are just not to be believed. He says he now has …

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The Democrats were expecting to destroy AG Bill Barr during his testimony before the House and the Senate. His performance did not live up to their expectations, although it may have resembled their worst nightmare. It was a harsh reminder to them that AWOL Jeff Sessions and dirty cop Rod Rosenstein are no longer running …

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The Democrats are working on 85 investigations into President Trump. Adam Schiff said they will not open all the investigations at once and they will prioritize them. But the truth is, they know they won’t go anywhere and they can drag it out by doing 5 or 6 at a time. They want to drag …

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So, come November… Fill up your car with conservatives and vote vote vote.

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