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It’s no wonder that so many Democrats support Maduro in Venezuela. Besides being a socialist, the government confiscated all the guns owned by private citizens, so they can’t fight back against a corrupt government. After all, Democrats don’t want you to be able to fight back as they quickly take away freedom after freedom. As …

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President Trump traveled to McAllen, Texas, where he held a roundtable discussion on the need for a border wall. There were props set up to emphasize the enormity of the problem on the border. There was a large bag with cash in it, an AR15 and colt pistols and large bricks containing heroin and meth. …

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I’d hate to be that guy at the next stockholder’s meeting.

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The Mexican government says that a group in Guatemala are building Molotov cocktails to use against their national police, blocking them from entering the country. They also say that some of the illegal aliens in the second caravan are carrying guns. This does not sound like refugees to me. It sounds very much like they …

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