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Hollywood threatened to boycott Georgia over their heartbeat bill that banned abortions after a heartbeat is detected. Stars and production companies lined up and insisted they would boycott Georgia. But, alas, when push came to shove, Hollywood backed down and this fall 40 TV shows and movies will be filming in the state. The bottom …

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There was some excitement at the  Gold Creek Foods processing plant in Georgia after a rumor spread that the place was being raided by ICE. Two hundred employees who are thought to be illegal aliens left the plant when they heard it was being raided. ICE reported later that there wee not any raids conducted …

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In this past election, Democrats scored some huge victories, thanks to voter fraud. Georgia was supposed to be the scene of a huge victory for serial whiner, Stacey Abrams. She lost. But, there was another election in Georgia and it went into a runoff since you must get over 50% of the vote to win. Republican …

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Stacey Abrams is a sore loser. She refuses to believe voters rejected her and that the vote was suppressed. She also claims that not all the votes were counted and she’s right. But, all the legal votes were counted. So, was the voting suppressed> Let’s see, shall we? 2014 Georgia Governor Election Results J. Nathan …

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Is this steering America back in the right direction?

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You never want to turn your state treasury over to someone who is irresponsible with her own finances.

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