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The Wall Street Journal published an article written by Mark Penn and Andrew Stein. They say not only will she run but that she will get the nomination easily. In their article, they say that Hillary has reinvented herself as a liberal firebrand and that she will take extremist positions including universal healthcare. They make the …

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President Trump is hopping mad about all of the voter fraud being perpetrated this election and yesterday, he singled out Arizona. On election night, Martha McSally led in the voting. But there were a lot of ballots where the signature didn’t match the one on file. When they were added into the count Kyrsten Sinema …

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Democrats are worried because they have nothing to offer the voters other than stop Trump. I don’t know why they are worried about that. They haven’t had a real message in years. It must be tough when you have to hide your agenda because no one in the world would vote for you if they …

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Nope… this isn’t the plot of some terrible Hollywood movie…

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You never want to turn your state treasury over to someone who is irresponsible with her own finances.

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Hillary has nothing new to offer and We The People look forward to her becoming a three-time loser.

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Going as far as to willingly do something as despicable as this…

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The real issue, and the one they are overlooking is, the questionable legality of these leaks.

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