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President Trump has donated his $100,000 quarterly paycheck to the Department of Homeland Security. As a candidate, President Trump said he would not accept a paycheck for being president. However, it is a law that the president’s salary must be paid out, so he accepts the money but writes a check to a different department …

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CNN, the undisputed leader in fake news, was at it again as they called President Trump a liar when he said recently that 10 terrorists have been caught at the border. They get angry when you tell the truth because truth has no value to CNN. CNN anchor Jim Sciutto was the culprit this time and …

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen has a very simple message for the illegal caravan heading for our border, “Do not come. You will not be allowed in.” Nielsen has added her voice to that of Gen Mattis, Mike Pompey and President Trump. The caravan started out in Honduras and moved through Guatemala and is …

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The DHS has devised a plan to work around it and keep the families intact.

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It’s time we held liberal politicians responsible when they break the law.

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