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The first charges against a Democrat coming from the Mueller investigation were handed down to Obama official, Greg Craig. He is charged with lying to the Mueller investigators and also that he tried to hide his lobbying efforts for Ukraine. He worked as a foreign agent without registering just like Paul Manafort. Craig’s lawyers claim …

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Things are starting to get interesting. You may remember a while back Louie Gohmert announced that Hillary’s server was hacked by a country…but not Russia. He never mentioned the name of the country. There was an anomaly on her server that made copies of emails and sent them to an outside server. That server is …

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. The redactions also turned up something new and interesting.

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Ex Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says that the other shoe is about to drop on former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. He believes that McCabe ordered FBI agents to change their 302 reports. Every time an agent interviews a witness or a suspect, they fill out form 302 and uses that to record their …

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