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Recently, the fact that foreign intelligence agencies assisted the United States in spying on the Trump campaign. Italy has fired two spy chiefs who aided Brennan and company in developing a coup against President Trump. There is evidence that British and Australian intelligence agencies also helped. The fact that AG Barr has decided to investigate …

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ABC’s Martha Raddatz did her best to get Liz Cheney to bash President Bush, but Liz Cheney was too much for her as she pointed out the texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page was a coup and could easily be considered treason. Liberal talking heads attacked her after that comment, but I doubt it …

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So, Hillary Clinton was planning a coup and that could be why she didn’t concede on election night. Obviously, Hillary was the only Democrat in America that thought she was going to lose. Steele made the claim in court filings he made in Great Britain, where he is being sued by Alpha Bank and three …

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Brennan is beginning to sound like a very desperate man, don’t you think?

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