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Federal authorities have arrested then-president of Cobra Acquisitions LLC, Donald Keith Ellison for bribing two FRMA employees that resulted in his company receiving $1.8 billion in contracts to help restore power to Puerto Rico along with two FEMA employees, Ahsha Nateef Tribble, and Jovanda R. Patterson. Patterson left FEMA to go to work for Cobra. …

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The FBI has now brought a total of 32 charges against six current or former Puerto Rican officials for corruption and misuse of funds from the United States taxpayers. Julia Keleher, Puerto Rico’s former education secretary and her five co-conspirators are accused of directing $13 million dollars to unqualified contractors with strong political ties. Keleher …

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Mexico is no longer playing games. They have arrested two caravan enablers on human trafficking charges. Both have accepted money to help these illegal aliens invade the United States. That makes them criminals and human traffickers. Cristobal Sanchez and Irineo Mujica were arrested within an hour of each other last week in different parts of …

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When are these cities going to shut down Antifa?

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