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Ecuadorian officials invited British police into their London embassy to arrest Julian Assange. He was removed from the embassy and taken into custody. It is expected that the British will now extradite the WikiLeaks boss to the United States to face trial at the Democrat’s insistence. It is a request that they could live to …

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California now demands you register every gun you have and you can do it right online. But, if you do so, you are touched in the head. A prestigious California farmer went online to register his guns like any law-abiding citizen might. That was the beginning of his nightmare. Police showed up at his house …

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State Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula was arrested and charged with willful cruelty to a child, after the school, the child attended noticed bruising on the child and authorities called the police. Arambula has three daughters but we don’t know if the student is his child or another child from the school. The lawmaker was called to …

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The three were charged with felony voter fraud charges.

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I thought that stuff was suppose to make you peaceful or something?!

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