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Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz says that Mueller knows that Trump did not commit obstruction and cites the Bush Sr example as proof. They tried to pin the same thing on him but it was ruled that a president cannot be guilty of obstruction of justice by following his constitutional duties as president. Bush pardoned …

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The Democrats in general and Jerry Nadler, in particular, are planning to subpoena the full unredacted Mueller report. There are two major problems with that. Alan Dershowitz explained to Sean Hannity that by US law, the Attorney General is the authority who decides whether the report gets released or not and no court can overturn …

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Now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed, the new kick for Democrats is impeachment. It is much harder to impeach a judge than it is the president in some cases. A very famous lawyer decided to weigh in on the matter and Democrats won’t like it one bit. Alan Dershowitz is a very famous defense attorney …

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He believes it is possible that she made the entire story up.

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