Jill Biden: The Worst Human on the Planet [Video]

First Lady Jill Biden is not just a supporter of her husband, President Joe Biden. She is a key player in what many see as the disgraceful saga of keeping him in office despite his obvious struggles. Her recent comments praising Joe Biden’s debate performance against Donald Trump are a clear indicator that she is complicit in this ongoing fiasco. This isn’t just about bad politics; it’s about elder abuse.

Jill Biden’s Disturbing Praise for Joe

After Joe Biden’s widely criticized debate performance, Jill Biden rushed on stage to help her husband walk off. Instead of acknowledging the obvious difficulties he faced, she praised him, saying, “Joe, you did such a great job. You answered every question, you knew all the facts.” like she was talking to a 5 year old.

Her condescending enthusiastic remarks didn’t stop there. She went on to slam Trump, asking the crowd, “What did Trump do? Lie! Yes.” Such comments are not only misleading but deeply irresponsible.

The Backlash is Intense and Justified

Online and in the media, Jill Biden faced a storm of criticism. This wasn’t just about politics; it was about her role in what many see as the exploitation of her husband’s declining abilities. Conservative commentator Lisa Boothe didn’t mince words: “I have no respect for Jill Biden. Encouraging your husband to embarrass himself like this is not love.”

Political pundit Jon Gabriel echoed these sentiments, stating, “It was elder abuse in 2020. These days, it’s ghoulish.” This isn’t hyperbole; it’s a stark reflection of the frustration and anger many feel.

Elder Abuse: A Grave Accusation

Former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright took the criticism to another level, labeling Jill Biden as “arguably, the worst human on the planet.” His comments were scathing: “She knows how bad it is. Joe is sick. And she doesn’t care — about him, or the nation.” This isn’t just about poor leadership; it’s about a profound moral failure.

Former ESPN host Sage Steele also weighed in, condemning Jill Biden’s actions as “shameful.” She pointed out that Jill’s behavior is not only a disservice to her husband but to the entire country. Steele’s words are a powerful indictment of Jill Biden’s role in this ongoing disaster.

The Role of Revenge and Power

Douglas Brinkley, author of “The Unfinished Presidency,” provided a chilling perspective on Jill Biden’s motivations. Unlike other first ladies who have advised their husbands against seeking re-election, Jill Biden seems driven by a desire for power and revenge. Brinkley stated, “The idea of relinquishing it all after you’ve taken the slings and arrows of the last years of attacks, and at the last minute, just when you get all the delegates you’re going to say, I’m going to open it up to a bunch of people — it’s very childish.”

This insight reveals a troubling aspect of Jill Biden’s character. Her willingness to push her husband forward despite his struggles isn’t about service or duty; it’s about personal gain.

Conservative Voices Call Out the Abuse

The conservative community has been vocal in calling out what they see as elder abuse. Commentator Tomi Lahren didn’t hold back, branding Jill Biden a “vile elder abuser.” These strong words reflect a deep-seated anger at the perceived manipulation and exploitation of Joe Biden’s condition.

This isn’t just a fringe opinion. Many conservatives feel that the Biden administration is a façade, propped up by those who should be caring for Joe, not using him as a political pawn.

The Impact on America

The consequences of this are far-reaching. A president who is visibly struggling affects national security, economic stability, and public confidence. When the First Lady is seen as enabling this, it undermines trust in the entire administration.

The anger is not just about Joe Biden’s performance; it’s about the betrayal of the American people. Jill Biden’s actions are seen as a gross misuse of power and a deep ethical failure.

Final Thoughts

Jill Biden’s role in this ongoing saga is not just controversial; it’s unforgivable. Her praise for her husband’s performance, despite his clear struggles, is a betrayal. It’s a form of elder abuse that should outrage every American.

The conservative community sees this for what it is: a power-hungry first lady exploiting her husband’s condition for political gain. This is not just bad politics; it’s a moral failing of the highest order.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Is Jill Biden the worst human on the planet for enabling this fiasco to continue? We want to hear your thoughts.



  1. Avatar photoMichael Valgos Reply

    I think you could see how they were when they first arrived She caused the entire housekeeping staff to walk out They stated that it was a hostile work environment and they were treat a in a racist way She had her office remodeled for a million dollars The only place she went to speak was the Teachers bullshit party telling themselves what a fine job they are doing Yes if they keep it up we will be read and do math for our children They are spitting them out left and right It is shameful that can celebrate when they should never be called teachers anymore So isn’t it funny that Jill Biden was a teacher She can call herself Dr. Hunter was right that she couldn’t teach a 6th grade class She is pushing this whole thing She is power hungry She has a limo and a plane chopper She wants everyone to see her and think just look how good she is She must be in the upper class That is how she thinks How would you like to have a poker game with Jill Nancy Joe Garland Hillary Kamala If that e\were to happen it would qualify to a #1 video Oh you would have to free medical help for the mental problems listening to all of them lying at once saying how they shaped our country

  2. Avatar photoWW Reply

    She is a POS, scum of the earth. I just pray that we can get Trump back in office, without the election being stolen again, as everyone world wide knows it was.

  3. Avatar photoConcrete Cowboy Reply

    Jill Biden will receive everything she has coming to her….From God The Father,
    and hopefully from those of us who are righteous to also include their entire family.

    1. Avatar photocharles Reply

      What is sad is the people that are delusional enough to still vote for this clown show, this sack of skin shouldn’t be running for county commission seat,

  4. Avatar photoScott E. High Reply

    It’s time that people understand who Jill really is; a despicable self-serving and lying career politician’s wife who doesn’t want to give up her crown as queen of our country. A woman who submitted her P.H.D. thesis either ghost written by a third grader or – heaven forbid – was actually written by an immature woman so insecure that she insists on being called Dr. Jill. The Biden family somehow went from being the poorest family in Congress to one of the richest during the past few years. She is deathly afraid of losing all that power and money. She is simply a selfish manipulator looking out for her own future in a nest of vipers.

  5. Avatar photoKenneth L. Hinshaw Reply

    All the demoncraps are evil, sick, power hungry, disgusting forms of slim. I think they all need to be put on an island in the middle of nowhere. As for Jerky jill she is the worse. She is abusing sleepy joe. I don’t like him, but I don’t believe in abuse of any kind. she loves the power & money that she is more than willing to put her husband through this elder abuse. she is more sick than joe. she is demonic. Someone needs to throw water on her & watch her melt. Hell, they need to do that to all the demoncraps, ASAP!!!

  6. Avatar photoJames D Pierce Reply

    It’s ok. They need to have guards posted when the Bidens leave the White House so that White House property stays at the White House unlike when the Clintons left office.

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