You Won’t Believe Who Is Paying for This Prepubescent “Drag Queen” to Dance

How is this even legal. And as far as ethical is concerned, it’s not even in the ballpark. What is an eleven-year-old boy doing dressing up as a woman and strutting his stuff in front of men, who are throwing dollar bills at him?

What kind of parent would you have to be to even think about allowing such a thing? Good Morning America and the Daily Beast both gushed over this kid and what he was doing. What’s up with that. Today, it seems the more perverted the act, the more the left loves it.

But, what if this were an 11-year-old girl, strutting her stuff, while grown heterosexual men threw dollar bills at her?

From Breitbart News

An 11-year-old boy known as “Desmond Is Amazing” danced on stage at a New York gay bar while grown men tossed dollar bills at him.

“The pre-adolescent boy, dressed in drag to imitate singer Gwen Stefani, pranced around the stage at Brooklyn’s 3 Dollar Bill, an LGBT bar described as ‘queer owned & operated,’ and ‘Brooklyn’s Premiere Queer Bar & Performance Venue,’” LifeSiteNews reports.

For reasons that suddenly make sense, the bar enforces a strict ban on cell phone usage.

One Yelp reviewer wrote that the bar makes you “put your phone into a locked magnet pouch at the door, so it can’t be used while there. You can slip it into your pocket but can’t get in the pouch.”

Another explained it this way: “The club put our phones in these locked sleeves, which we could [carry] around the club.”

The first to report this about the sexual exploitation of this child was a YouTuber named Yosef Ozia, who connected all these dots based on the Yelp reviews:

Someone needs to pay for this child abuse.